Fairphone 3 Review – A Fully Modular Smartphone !

The new Fairphone 3 modular smartphone has been released and I was so excited about this Review. More on
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Comment (21)

  1. Fairphone: We don’t includes chargers because we’re cheap.
    Apple: Good idea, imma steal that.

    A smartphone that doesn’t include a charger, hilarious. If this is your first smartphone then you’re screwed.

    I know you want to sell this for cheap but when you can’t even be as* to include a charger (brick + cable) and make up some worthless excuse to justify that then you might as well close shop.

    1. Well you can order it extra anyway. If the retail price is now cheaper as when it would have been bundled, then why not? I dont need another crappy charger in my home. If it would be my first, then i would just order it extra. But i got your point 💓

  2. I honestly have never heard of this phone before. But again this video covers it up pretty nicely. Hope they attract some consumers.

  3. The market has to be there in order for this phone to take off, and we need more hardware vendors and companies to work on modular hardware parts for it able to sell.

    I really like the fairphone concept, but it needs a huge market..


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