EZBook X4 Fix Thermals And Boost FPS 200% Gemini Lake TDP Tweak

Jumper EZBook X4 thermal pad mod to fix temps and unlock TDP to boost FPS in games dramatically. The EZBook X4 is $299 here:

How to remove the TDP limit

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Comment (39)

  1. will you plz run PUBGM LOW.SETTING ,ULTRA FPS FOR ABOUT 30 MIN ,(MI PAD4) coz when u test game u r just running around and shooting 1 or 2 bot, but game started to lag when u drive fast, in shoot out with 2 squads..

  2. The program on the top of the screen to disable unnecessary background you use. I use it. Thank you for this program that I saw it in your other video. ?

    1. I might do, but the CPU is only up around 5% the TDP really only affects the GPU clocks that with lower TDP are really limited.

  3. Always great to see those later temp mods.
    I know its a bit of work but could you test the battery life with the higher power limit?

    1. The thing is it’s almost the same with light tasks and normal CPU use. No change really. It’s when you push the Intel 600UHD GPU it and game it then eats about 5W more and will take a good 40% off the old pre-stock TDP limit.

  4. i like your videos man , how u mod the thermal and stuff that i even have an idea to mod my pc after watching yours. Have u ever thought of modding the thermal of old phones that have thermal throttling issue ? LG G4 , OnePlus 2 , 3, 3T etc

    1. Yes, I did mod some phones back in the day but that was before I starting to do videos on it. Pulled off the old heatsinks and put new paste in it. I’ve done it to a MTK8173 quad core Chuwi Hi9 Air too and seems to give a bit of a boost.

  5. Again a 1$ bug of jumper not to make sure that heat sink sits flat + connected on cpu.
    I’m pretty sure all other units will have same issue cause it was caused by a missing pad not by a pad in wrong position.
    good mod or check.

  6. Bad thing in this mod is that back plate now is not protecting internals, your cpu and mb will have direct stress from back plate if there will be some pressure on it …

    1. It’s not a huge amount of pressure to be an issue. I’e run tech long term like that and it’s fine. If you’re worried I wouldn’t do it of course.

  7. I have the ezbook 3 pro for a while and man please tell me you did not test the temps while the laptop is plugged in and charging?

    I hope you know, that charging also heats the device up, atleast on my 3 pro, where I plug it in.

    I think without charging you would have had around 10 degress less, maybe even 20 less :/ Test again? But nice video so far, I applied the mod on my 3 pro, too and I get 60 degrees on max load 😀

  8. U need to use the cpucoreparking utility to allow all 100% of the cpu to be used at all times not around 80% of the full cpu and have full control on the turbo boost index and frequency scaling index

  9. Excellent video! GG !! Jumper should watch this and do a better job with cooling.
    Does this mod affect/ improve battery life? (beside the TDP limit unlock)

  10. you don’t tweak TDP.
    TDP is thermal design power, which means it is the maximum amount of heat it can generate due to moving particle inside of the chip, measured in watt.

    you can make it faster by giving better cooling system but the TDP will stay at that given amount. manufacturer gets to decide the TDP based on their calculation, not us. it’s physics, not engineering.

    1. TDP is engineering indeed. You can have the same CPU running in different speed and power (Intel cTDP) depends on the implementation of device’s thermal headroom.

  11. I like how it’s impossible to apply thermal paste on video without giving a disclaimer to avoid arguments

    1. Carl M You should have seen my other videos. You’re doing it wrong etc, so that’s why I say use your own method and thermal paste.


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