Página de inicio Vídeos oficiales [helio P25& 6GB] Trailer de lanzamiento de Ulefone T1

[helio P25& 6GB] Trailer de lanzamiento de Ulefone T1

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Ulefone T1 along with Helio P25 octa-core 2.6 Unidad Central de procesamiento GHz, 6GB LPDDR4 RAM, 64GB de almacenamiento, 16MP dual cam, 5 kinds 25 system bands International Model, luz principal suave, 5.5-pantalla de pulgadas FHD, CNC metal unibody, dispositivo de digitalización impresión dedo frontal, USB tipo c, 3680batería de mAh, individual Stereo system, 6-aixs gyroscope, 18W quickly battery charger, sensor giroscópico, Android 7.

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  1. i cant understand why the chinese phone from small company like doogee, ulefone, umidigietc impractically adopt much ram capacity with low ap.

    and eventually, the price of phone is incredible high considering its specification.

    they just imitate high-end flagship phone like galaxy s8+ and cheat many consumers to earn much money.

    if i were u, i will put helio p25 to the phone with 3gb of ram and 32gb of rom.
    And release the phone under $150 like xiaomi redmi 4x.

    1. rather a FHD screen at least? but indeed it seems ram is inappropriate way to challenge on this market. real challenge is in my opinion to lower price while providing balanced features insuring great user experience. this you probably also expect? fortunately some do that quite well? Umi Super and at least on paper Alpha Maze ?

    2. Good idea. But i think you don’t know, is very hard buy pcb board with P25, 3gb ram and 32gb rom, don’t have this choice. P25 is new chip, and the new chip always used with the big memory. But this specs also is good idea. I think maybe they will release this specs phone.

  2. nice way to make you forget about bezel less phones embodying 6full HD screen at least in a 5.5traditional phone bezelthe real new improvement of latest smartphones carried by Samsung S8?


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