EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Review – Fast 45 Km/h & 100 Km Range

The Voromotors EMOVE Cruiser is the best electric scooter I've reviewed. With a huge 100km range, fast 45+ km/h top speed (27 mph) dual suspension with dual 140mm disc brakes. Where to buy:

eMove Cruiser e-scooter Specs:
26AH or 30AH versions
52V 1600W peak rear motor
Max weight (load) 160 kilos
Range 100kms+ (30AH version)
24 kilos weight. Folded height 40cm. Length 124 cm
Can climb up to 30% slopes
Full charge time 10 hours. (30AH version)
3-speed modes
140mm disc brakes
10" by 2.5" pneumatic tires

Different modes and increase the speed limit:

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Comment (26)

    1. Filmed on many cameras: Sony A6300, Samsung S9+, Xiaomi mijia action camera and Redmi Note 5 (Open Camera 4k + EIS) All the shots that are sharp are the A6300. The very steady shots the Redmi Note 5 and most others the Samsung S9+, for example, the outdoor shots of the wheels close up etc.

  1. I live in denia too and never I saw you hahahaha. Would be very well if we could meet us some day and talk about technology 😊😊😊

    1. True, but when you use the custom firmware the range is so much shorter and later you’ll run into problems (I did). But yes for short trips the Xiaomi is good, this is a different class of scooter really with dual suspension etc.

  2. With a robust scooter like this I missed a seat mounting option. Especially if it’s a 100km distance… ( I can see on their website, that there is an option like that. )

  3. Shipping costs almost much as the scooter. Shame, I was completing the checkout when they calculated the shipping cost and was shocked.

  4. Hey Chris, what are your thoughts about electric scooter as a transportation method? You’re one of the few people I can trust with such an expensive decision. This could probably be a video, but what do you think are the pros ans cons of using an electric scooter? I have heard that wind and rain are difficult, some people report problems with dogs, some say the road needs to be very flat. I’m really afraid of running into problems no one told me about after buying one.

  5. Suspension looks like it works great! Just worrying how will it holdup long term as warranty is short. Looked scary for a little scooter for some of the roads that you were taking. I wonder if it will fall apart or parts will get metal fatigue/ cracks or just snap at the bends shortly.

  6. This looks like a fantastic scooter. With that much money though I could probably buy a used car. Chris, what would you recommend for a sub-$500 scooter?

  7. Helmet, a sumo suit and a life insurance……I believe all that is necessary to ride a 45 km/h monster like this. (I would not trust myself on it).

  8. Seems a bit unsophisticated. Lots of cheap OEM parts, zip ties and exposed mechanics. I guess they spent it all on the drivetrain, which seems impressive.


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