Elephone A5 Review (Helio P60 / Triple Camera) – Don’t overlook this phone!

Elephone A5 (Helio P60 / Triple Camera) full review video in English by Smartphone Wars youtube channel.
The new Elephone A5 android mobile phone brings a combination of a stunning twilight gradient colour back, the powerful MTK Helio P60, Triple Rear Camera, USB-C, 4000mAh battery, Global Dual 4G/Volte and a headphone jack all for less than $200!
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Comment (9)

  1. Once again a honest review of a n affordable smartphone with good specs for the price.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Hi 74 degres… i have the same on my LG x fast(k600y) and in the time it s not good at all. we don t have the same processor but i think the result will be the same don t you think ?

  3. Great review of an almost great phone. Battery life is key for me. I need at least 8 hours screen on time, more than 10 preferred. Peace


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