Eachine P-51D Mini Mustang Stabilized 4 Channel Stunt Trainer Plane Flight Test Review

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Both were first to say first in one of my recent videos and both want a shout out. So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of a neat new airplane, the eachine p 51d mustang mini mustang. What is special about the mini Mustang? Well, it is a beginner's plane very easy to fly fully stabilized, but what is special about it is. This is a 4 channel aircraft, folks, a four channel aircraft. We have throttle control. We also have a Mehran control. Okay. This is unusual for a toy great airplane. To have this. You also have elevator control and rudder control, so full 300 aircraft for the beginner pilot. Now, why am I saying beginner pilot, because this is available fully stabilized? You can fly this and this will automatically in in beginner mode level itself. If you let go of the sticks and also it won't, let it tilt past a certain angle, there's angle, restrictions on the aircraft, so you can't either pitch it too far down or up or roll it over too far down or up. Unless you turn off the stabilization system and go to full manual mode now in full manual mode yeah, you can roll this over and manually fly it just like any other 4 channel aircraft. If you wish to do acrobatics with the aircraft, however, or what other thing that has, let me talk about it let's go right to the controller, real, quick before you any more detail on the airplane.

Again, you have beginner mode fully stabilized. You have intermediate mode mid level mode, which is also fully stabilized with annual restrictions. The mid level mode just lets you bank, in and pitch at a greater angle, mainly to allow you to do harder turns so in mid position. You can do harder turns it's still easy to fly in mid position, it's just that when mid position you could possibly fly this indoors will confirm that when we go fly this today to see how what the turning radius is in mid position. But again, if you go into expert and go all the way forward, that turns off the stabilization system of the aircraft and allows you to do manual full manual flight. Now there is another button on this controller, which is new to me. I'Ve never seen this button it's aerobatic, supposedly, while in beginner or mid mode, while you're flying as a beginner learning to fly. If you want to do tricks, you don't need to know how to do it. Looks you just press this button and the aircraft I believe, does a roll and also a loop will confirm that when we go out fly it again today, but you press this button and it does automatic stunts. This is similar to a flip button on the old toy drones they don't have. That was on toy drones, anymore, because that tended to burn out motors that flip button, but this is similar to a flip button, but for airplanes, ok, that's, pretty cool one.

Other thing this controller has is one key return. What does that mean? That means that the aircraft will remember the direction that was pointed when it took off. Ok and if you keep the airplane flying down that direction, and you press that button, it will do a 180 degree turn and come back to you now. That is not a true return to home folks. Ok, there is a possibility if you were off to the right or off to the left of where the aircraft was pointed, that the aircraft actually might fly away with you, so don't depend for. You. Don'T depend on that as a return to home. Folks, let's go back to the airplane again again for channel stabilized now one thing: there is a little bit of assembly, you need to assemble or attach the landing gear and they are held in place by these two little screws. You get a screwdriver and three screws. You get one extra screw in case. You lose these to put these landing gear on the rods attached to the Bell cranks they're already, the push rods are already attached ready to go, except one thing I recommend you doing before going flying is to attach or connect the controller to the drone, while it's On the ground, make sure all surfaces move and then put it in manual mode or expert mode and put the controller down and turn off the drum unplug. The drum and these surfaces, the control surfaces, the ailerons, the elevators, the rudder, should all be centered.

If they are not, you can adjust that via these little. U shaped things that you see on these push rods here, either pinch him with a pair of needle nose pliers to move them in work or open them up a bit with a little flathead screwdriver to push them outward to the center of these. Before you go, find don't go flying if you see them obviously off center, because you might have problems while you're flying okay, so that's always something you should check before you go flying is to make sure your control surfaces are Center. Okay, what do you get in? The box with this you get the instruction manual here. You get again, I said screwdriver and you get three little screws to attach. You only need two of them to attach the landing gear onto this. This is available in a battery version or a three battery version. You get three point: seven volt 300 mm sixty or 350 million per hour batteries, and they are size: 70 2036, which means 7.0 millimeters, thickness, 20 millimeters width and 36 millimeters length. So you, these are fairly common batteries, but they are harder to get these days from China folks, because there's safety restrictions these days for Postal shipment of hypose, so the way they getting around this is the bundling. This is with either two batteries or three batteries. I recommend, if you consider, if you're, considering additional batteries for this aircraft and get them when you purchase the aircraft, go for these as well.

There'S two battery one is is standard, but there's also a three battery version for a few dollars. More one thing, though, do not if you go flying and you want to continue flying, let your aircraft sit for at least fifteen minutes before putting in the next battery, because this is a brushed motor inside this airplane and if you do back to back flights. Three back to back flights with this and doing acrobatics, I guarantee you're gon na burn out your motor much more quickly than you would. If you just flat it around normally keep in mind I'm still fly. My original see my x5c folks. I still got that aircraft that I still fly it today and I'm – very gentle with it, while flying. If you a brush boat, what I'm trying to say it all of its motors were the original brush motors. So what I'm trying to say is if you are careful and baby your motor, it can last a long time. Okay and again, one way to burn out a motor is, do and back to back flights without letting it rest other things you get in the package. You get the battery charger for these batteries and you get a spare propeller and a quick disconnect connector here for the quick disconnect if it gets damaged on the one in here which brings up the point of the propeller on this. This is a quick disconnect propeller. It pops off and on and off in a crash I'm, not gon na.

Do it I'm gon na leave it on right now, but if it pops off in a crash, you just push it back on and it'll snap back on again and if it don't then replace the quick disconnect or the propeller look to see. What'S, the you know damaged, see this little ring there that connects onto that, like that. If I push it on a little snap on I'm, not going to do that right now, but it just snaps on and off and that the idea is you're trying to prevent damaging the motor and the gearbox. This has a gearbox by the way in a two. In a crash, if you're going, you know you go in the ground, full power. If you hit this propeller it doesn't pop off, you could damage the motor damage and damage the gear shaft and also damage the gearbox in here so that's. The idea of a quick disconnect of the Picatta, so I think, I've covered everything on here. Let me double check my notes here. That'S about it folks let's go fly this 400 millimeter wingspan airplane in a few let's. Take it out in the field and fly it see how it performs so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, copter 101 here and we are at it one of my favorite flying fields: what's the scene, p, 51d, mustang, but there's. One thing i'm let's go over to the startup for this and there's. One thing i didn't show you about.

This is looking at this transmitter. This is a classic Volant ex transmitter design. Now, with that in mind, sometimes you might get a reverse channel on your controller and there's a way to reverse to correct that now. Charge show that to you real quickly here as we go through the startup procedures for the aircraft, but first thing I need to do is plug in the battery and put it on a flat level surface. So one folks, why do that? Okay, I have it on a flat level: surface now, let's, try look at the ailerons here, not right. The way they're set up they're set up to work properly, but if you hold it before moving the throttle full up and fooled on, if you hold a stick say this, they will result reverse. If you hold the stick in one position, listen you'll hear a beep and then it automatically reverses – and you can set that by moving the throttle up and down, and it will remember that, but right now I want to go back to normal. Okay. That should be right and left turn so that's how you reverse the channels hold Annie the channel in one position: let's try the rudder and notice. It goes the other direction. Now, if I want to reverse that, go in the other direction there so now it's back to normal, okay, so that's, how you do it and then once you go up and down in the throttle, it's stuck it won't, do it again: okay, see I'm holding it And it won't change now, so we are ready to go I'm going to start off in beginner mode.

I have to switch moved all the way back to beginner just to get in the air. We should be good to go so. Surfaces are working an elevator now and up that's all working properly, so let's get into the air it's a nice little flyer, you have a LAN texture. This is EC nice, but well that text makes them a year. Please, and I am in the ger mode right now – let's go over to the field here. I'M at uh 10 throttle let's, try that strip button, and no I didn't, do it coming around again. You got ta go faster, maybe one up there you go. You got ta go fast enough for it to do that. Coming around let's, try, roll okay, pressing the roll button and then you've got to move the stick and then it'll do the roll. So you got to be going fast enough for one thing and then you've got to move the stick right or the left to do a roll or pull the stick up to do a loop. Okay, we are in beginner mode. It actually turns very nice in beginner mode that's, a neat airplane box. Yeah let's go to be mid mode, Oh a mid mode. It turns off the it's fully stabilized folks, and let me let me show you that let go of the stick and they're all level, but you can do tricks like a loop. Oh that's me, okay, so I take it back folks.

Obviously it turns off the. Let me slow it down a bit. It turns off the angle restriction in mid mode, so you can do loops and rolls sit. Roll let's see if that's true wrong, know it all. Let me do loops, you know, won't. You still got angle restrictions for rolls, as you can see there, but you do a loop. Inspire let's do a barrel roll. Maybe we can do that yeah. I tried a barrel roll, but that's a deep plate, huh it's flying a bit fast folks. Whoa almost got me, it is a fast plane, so this would be more for intermediates. I think let me see if I could slow it down low throttle right now in mid position I'm trying to bring it close, but this thing moves pretty fast, so indoor plane, no outdoor plane, yeah a lot of fun outdoor plane, not a fun outdoor plane for Beginners or intermediate s, intermediates enemies will be able to do tricks like that loops and semi barrel. Rolls like that. You see in a bad play that stabilization prevents it from stalling. I tried to stall out there. Can I do now 3d flying no, not enough power. Coming back that again and reducing throttle so yeah enjoyable plane trying to go slow as I can. With this thing, it don't want to go slow, it's, it's, a fighter plane. It is a fighter plane, plane, p, 51d from machine, slash, pretty sure, it's gon na lob, dicks folks, pretty sure it's of Olympics let's.

Try that one key return doing it. But if I press it again hold it yeah ain't. No, it the one key return. So I don't know about the one key word say: maybe they deactivated it, maybe in its L mean beginner mode it does it I'm, not going back to beginner mode. It'S boring this intermediate mode is pretty cool yeah. I mean it's, really cool, like neat flight to the battery gets weak. I got another meteor plan would be flying here again. I'M. The only other radio link a 560. I think that's a neat plane too very similar to what this can do. Only you can do more. This is pretty cool. What it could do. This is finally there, including state auto. You know stabilization in by turning off the angle restrictions. This is similar to what would we we used to call a horizon mode in fpv racers, where you still got stabilization, but you can do flips, yeah boy, nice, Turner, I'm using rudder. At the same time, folks this will turn on a dime with a router. There goes a quick disconnect demonstration of a quick disconnect and it's starting to get a little bit weak right now, so we're probably close to the end of the battery power. Now let me show you how to predict the propeller back on see there's the quick disconnect and yeah this snap or Center it and snap it in position. We should be good to go again: let's.

Do it take off from dirt? That would be nice. These wheels look big enough to do take off from the dirt tiny wheels tend to dig into the dirt, but the bigger wheels tend to not to do that. Let'S see if I can get in here. Nope nope, nope, ain't gon na happen. Yeah I'm gon na have to toss it let's get back in here and away yeah that's good week. So we're gon na call it quits here shortly, and I call it quits here now: actually it's getting weak so landing it so that's its flight time. Folks, the p 51d mini mini Mustang, it's, really cool. It flies really cool. I like it so hope you enjoyed this flight, its quad copter 101. Again, you seen p 51d sighting at all right, quad copter water. What back again I forgot, I had a second battery in my pocket it's about 15 minutes later I was flying another airplane and we should be ready to go this flight for the second battery I'm gon na play with his aerobatic button. I didn't really just explain: how would you use this to use the aerobatic button? You have to have to be going fast enough to do a loop or a roll, or else this will not do it. You press this button. Nothing will happen if you give it stick movement, it won't do anything but to do a loop or a rule. You got to be going fast enough.

Then you press the button and then you tell which direct what it you want to do and the way you do that is, if you give it a left or a right movement on the right stick here, it will do a roll or you press, the button And then you give an up movement on the stick and then we'll do a loop, so that's how you do the tricks with a stunt button, so we're already bound we're ready to go here, I'm, putting it back in mid position because that's my favorite for this. I, like that angle, restriction being turned off let's get into the air up there down on the throttle and away. We go takes right to the air, but let's. Try that automatic loops and rolls that this can do speed, pushing up and you go there's an automatic loop. Okay going down there turnaround getting some speed up button left. Bro then turn it around. Get some speed right roll! No! I go isn't going fast enough. Obviously, I'm too high let's come back down here. You ain't gon na be able to see that this tinier Pelle let's get it a little closer. Try that again turn it around more throttle up right, roll, so yeah cool airplane. So I like this thing, it's deep but it's fast. You are going to need to fly this outdoors. This particular one this one's, just too quick – I mean you could do sharp turns like that, but it's again, it's too fast you're gon na easily lose it and hit the walls of your gymnasium so that's about as slow as I can get it to go.

Let me try that again that was going into the wind cutting back to the throttle that's about as slow as I can get it to go, and it still wants to pick up speed this fighter plane come over here. You don't really need that trick. Button. Folks, it's easy to fly it with this pullback that stick and just do a loop about the rules. Now, no one like you do a roll, but you can do a barrel roll. You know. If you give it a little bit of elevator and aileron, I got no dad barrel roll by the peril trying to come around elevator and aileron trying to keep it close. So you can see this thing, so this is pretty neat for a three point: seven volt airplane. You could do this. I mean really neat that you can do this with a little 1s battery. You need plane. No, no, no, not your son yeah! Of course. I always go into the Sun folks, so yeah mainly this one. I don't know about it being a beginners plane, it's, just kind of quick for a beginner intermediate, so yeah would love this, especially the ability to do stunts easily do these stunts, with, while being stabilized the only other airplane. I could see that was able to do something like this. It that's not. What I was just flying folks is the a 560 from Radio link that plane. That also has stabilized without angle.

Restriction and elective do stunts like this, but this is the second plane I've seen that's able to do that. So, okay, we are getting a little bit weak here again with the battery again so I'm gon na land it coming around coming around so again. That is the p 51d, for you seen, you see mini p 51d mini mustang fully stabilized, but that was mid position flying that turns off angle restrictions for pitch, so you can actually do loops and also barrel rolls once you're in doing that loop. I give it some eller on and you'll also do a barrel roll, just like this quite couple of 101 setting up high quadcopter 101 here again hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to my Channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click the build button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.

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