Home Reviews Doogee BL7000 REVIEW – A Chinese Battery MONSTER !

Doogee BL7000 REVIEW – A Chinese Battery MONSTER !



  1. Looks alright for what it is. Them lying about a second camera is ridiculous if thats true. Not that i rate these second cameras they are novelty. Review the Vernee Thor Plus. I do like the clean roms. Deffo needs OTA bug fixes. Sounds very heavy. I do like these big battery phones. Ulefone reckon they are making a 13,000mah battery phone. A power plus. That will be like a brick in your pocket pmsl oukitels K3 is another big battery phone to review. Oukitel not a bad china phone company one of the better ones.

  2. I want a battery monster for to play games a lot and make photos. It seems like it’s impossible for a Chinese company to make a phone with good specs and big battery ?

    1. Pistaxin Agreed, like those fake 9000mah lithium 18560 batteries on eBay. They were tested and gave just over 1000mah, crazy that they can keep trying to sell them. They are the same size as the Japanese made 3.7mah batteries that ever Tesla use for there wall batteries, so how the hell would China do better with the same size battery.

  3. Smartphone manufacturers are seriously underestimating how successful a 7000+ mAh big brand smartphone would be

    1. 100% agree with you there…if they were to attempt to put one out on the market it would be interesting to see how well it would in sales figures in comparisson to normal battery size devices

  4. What it has auto focus in front camera? Btw i have mt6750 with 2gb ram it’s not that bad it’s just doogee being lazy to optimize their phones.


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