Home Reviews Doogee BL5000 Review – Are BIG BATTERY Smartphones worth it ?

Doogee BL5000 Review – Are BIG BATTERY Smartphones worth it ?

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Seeking a phone along with a big electric battery? At that point maybe checkout the BL5000 or Oukitel k10000: Created customer review of the doogee bl5000 happening soon!
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    1. Ackeem Crandex well I think the p20 and p2 are good for performance but I don’t think there very good for efficiency.

    2. no very efficient. Performance wise okay, but I remember the old MTK 6735 days with those batteries. shitty performance but SICK battery life.

  1. I had an OUKITEL K10000 and it was pretty bad, the screen broke from 30cm drop, but changed by myself :D, 4 days of normal use. Everything is bad, but battery, i think it’s the most expensive part of phone it self.

  2. Man you do a review of a battery phone with 2 phrases on battery life section, no screen on time, no nothing, little of a letdown. In the past your reviews were more detalied, with multiple screenshots, battery capacity measurments, and other things.

    1. showing SoT doesnt work in this crappy UI. Also im not a huge fan of “SoT” numbers anymore. In my last videos i could get up to 80% differences on SoT depending on the brightness, backgrounds processes, processor load and connectivity. Also my capacity measurement doesnt work anymore with the the new quickchargers, need to upgrade that one to a good working one. What I plan to integrate is a movie playback test with fixed brightness, no background tasks and with wifi only. Anything other than that is just missleading and causes people to over or underestimate the battery.

  3. I had 2 doogee phones (y100pro and x5) and no matter how cheap they are they are not worth it, i managed to break both without breaking glass

    1. y100pro was really the biggest crap ever 😀 I mean the doogee mix looks cool, probably thats the only one i would really use, but havent tested it yet.

  4. well there are two ways you can choose to pronounce this companies name…..’doo’gee’ or ‘dodgy’…i prefer the latter…LOL…this phone was almost as bad as that terrible ibiza print cap you were wearing stefan…hahaha…i think techmagnet are going for the world record for bad baseball cap styles…PMSL…TBH anything was an improvement over those terrible pokemon red things you and flo used to wear…LOL…are big battery phones worth it…hell yeah…just not any from a company called ‘dodgy’…HAHAHA


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