Haus Tabletten Würfel iWork 5 X Unboxing – Wow! Besten Apollo See noch?

Würfel iWork 5 X Unboxing – Wow! Besten Apollo See noch?

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Dice iwork5X unboxing. 360-degree yoga joint superior Celeron N3450 notebook. I received this from the formal Alldocube store right here: (AliExpress).

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Technician Tablets reviews the current in Mandarin tablets, Smart-phones, as well as various other related gizmos. We intend to provide truthful customer reviews, off an individual perspective to aid you pick the greatest specialist for your demands. Treatment ideas that matter to you as an individual with comparisons, Benchmarks, thermals as well as screening well-known video games.

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    1. Vielen Dank, yes better than the watermark. I only watermark as there are a few websites transcribing my reviews and taking screen caps. Claiming it as their ownHands-on review

  1. Schön! I’ll add that to my Christmas wishlist, seems like the best study laptop available out of China at the moment.

  2. This is the best one I’ve seen on the channel!
    It has everything that I was waiting for. a tablet + PC…. ?

    hope to buy it in futurehope they produce something more like this with more upgraded hardwares…. ?

    1. It’s looking good for the future and next years devices. They keep pushing the designs and offers like this 2018 with the new gen of chipsets is going to be very interesting.

    2. Ja, if they add new hardwares in the upcoming year then these laptops can be very useful for budget users.
      Although I would’ve loved to see 6-8gb ram on this iwork 5x.

    3. has everything if RAM can be increased, though 4GB is enough for most things if running Linux. I’m pretty stoked that the touchscreen worked out of the box on Manjaro Linux.

  3. And now a convertible version of the Cube iThinker, Bitte! So the high quality digitzer can actually be used.
    Cube would make me so happy.

  4. Hi CHris, as always great review.

    It would be very interesting to see you review USB-C PD mobile chargerRAVPower Xtreme 26800mAh Type-C External Battery Chargerwith this ultrabook. DO you have any other USB-C PD mobile charger to recommend?

    1. If it’s 12V 3A or more it will work. My 12V 2A charger for a mobile didn’t work sadly, it lights up like it’s charging. But then the battery % Tropfen.

  5. *Other Famous Tech YouTuber*
    : Review LG New UltraWide Monitor! Expensive AF!

    : Another Cheap under 400$ Apollo-See-Laptop!

    Keep Up The Good Work!

  6. just give one more usb 3 on the right side goddamit , dont save costs on usb ports china!!!
    and pls do it in 11’3 version

  7. schön! its very beatiful, its what I was searching for, portable, Tippen Sie auf, aluminum. and in home a power pc for gaming. I only wish it would have a back lighting keyboard

  8. tablet mode & touchscreen is not necessary for me. If they could release a model without these & lower price that would be great.


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