SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam – Review & Unboxing

It is a versatile camera that users can use to monitor their home and surroundings around the clock, as you heard its a pan and tilt camera, so users can control it via the app which we will explore later in the video lets check out what is inside, The product packaging inside the box […]

Tech Jungle: Nokia C21 – Review

It features a set of basic specifications and features. There is a sufficient 6.5 inch. Hd screen fingerprint scanner 30mp on the back and 5mp on the front for selfies. The rest of the specs are quite standard and it brings back the old fashion for smartphone opening the box. You will get the c21 […]

Beyerdynamic MM X100 Review | The Gadgets 360 Show

, so minimalistic German engineered headphones, not the first gaming headset that weve tried of this kind, but maybe the first in terms of recalibration. Now, how did we find the sound? Eventually headphones can be whatever they are. Theyve got to sound good, so mid tones are a little soft diffuse while listening to […]

Optoma CinemaX D2 Review | The Gadgets 360 Show

For this week the optima d2 projector ultra short, throw projector peak brightness of 3000 lumens and gives you about 125 to 150 inches of absolutely fantastic 4k uhd resolution, its a really really good screen, colors, deep, dynamic, true black levels. Absolutely amazing, there is a speaker, inbuilt – gives a pretty good experience […]

S22 Ultra Review After 5 Months [ The Truth ]

I havent had too many issues, but its mid 2022 now and soon the z504, the z flip 4, is going to be coming out and some of yall may be wanting to know whether you should purchase this phone right now me personally. I would honestly wait im not sure if theyre going to […]

Gadget Discovery Club Review (2/4)

This came in the mail. I actually completely forgot that i even signed up to gadget discovery club, which i guess was part of the reason i did the whole subscription in the first place, but the ones came in the post. I was thinking i havent ordered anything. What might this be? Lo and […]

Review POCO F4 GT : Segalanya Tentang Kelajuan !

Eleven Xiaomi sendiri bagi tahu yang kita boleh charge full sambil main game; nah walaupun, suami, kate, yang korang, boleh, main game Sambil charge; pun, tapi, pada, pendapat, aku, kalau, boleh, relakanlah, begitu, Itu sebab, yang pertama, ilah, nak, jagedi, punya, jangkeh, Ayat, batre, Ok, cat udah, laju, 120wat; Konfem akhirnya akan panas, tambah, pula, […]

Nokia G21 Review!! First impressions before you buy the gadget !!

Welcome guys, as you can see today, all these with the nokia. I would like you to tell us the name: Music. Okay, thank you very much. Im ben i work with is our budget for today, so guys today i came with the newest gadget without the g21, its nice. So, mr ben, what […]


Oh iya kabel ini, bisa, berfungsi di Android, 6.0 atau OST 8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1uJ4zM3Ik4

Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Max Smartwatch Unboxing & Review – Best Smartwatch in 2022??

This is anuj from Gadget Gig.. We have recently reviewed the Noise Colorfit Pro 4 on our channel, and now we have with us one more watch in the series and its the Colorfit Pro 4 Max. And in Todays video. We will do the unboxing and show you its features., Starting with the Unboxing […]