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IPhone SE 2022 Honest Review — Decode official claims by Consumer Gadget Comment POV

You will not understand the professional terms used by the phone or gadget brand and will be confused by the marketing claims and fancy photos. That website shows you, even if you click into professional reviewers pages. Youll still find biased opinions in comparisons and terms which are too professional, so dont be fooled by […]

Mahindra Xuv700 – True Walk Around and Detailed Review || REVIEW ASSAM ||

front door, see how to open that the new xuv gets a massive grille upon newton design, redesigned grille, so it looks like a complete segment. They had a grill all over inbuilt as a completely upon nothing. Led uh headlights, i have with led fog lights: im not allowed to led for glass drc […]

ASTIG na KULAY! Ganda ng Performance for 13990 Pesos! Samsung Galaxy A23 Smartphone Review!

I think this time around guys and luckily 823 here and i love the color here. Pastel blue though so hi guys, hopefully this morning psychic and welcome back to my channel dont, forget to subscribe and, of course hit that bell icon button. You know with some more future videos here and unboxing its […]

NOOIE cam pro review

Let me first talk about some of the features of this camera. Its got 2k full high definition resolution its got motion, detection, its got color night vision, its got an integrated spotlight rechargeable battery lets talk about that for a minute. The way this works is, you can either have the camera plugged in […]

DJI Action 2 Magnetic Protective Case – Will it REDUCE HEAT? : FULL REVIEW

Bearing that in mind, dji have released a new accessory aimed at not only adding protection, but also helping the camera run longer, with higher temperature thresholds, the dji action 2 magnetic protective case. Unfortunately, heat is inevitable when you have so much power packed into such a small frame while the metal finish aids, […]

Review Xiaomi 12 by Oom Yahya

What is ya Halo, kemudian layarnya ini, menggunakan, AMOLED sampai memanjakan mata kita dengan layar menunjukkan, kalo, Speakernya, itu stereo, sehingga memudahkan, kita, untuk, membuat, Selain, itu layarnya, ini, juga, dilengkapi, yaitu, stabil, sehingga, dayanya, tidak, Meskipun, harganya, itu mencapai, yang pir, sobat dengan, Oh ya, di channel, gitu Doang paling canggih ya, saat ini, […]


Gua May gadget review di sebelah, gua ini, ada, smartphone, Samsung, M series, lagi ya, kayaknya, belum, semingguan, ya, gua, ngebahas, Samsung, Galaxy Samsung, Galaxy m235, dinas sekarang, ternyata, adalah, gilo, Samsung, Galaxy m335 G Ya, seperti, ini, boxnya, tipis, ya, Jadi, ini, udah, ikutin, eranya, serius, ya, serius, Maupun seri flagship Nah di sini, […]

NZXT Function Keyboard Review: Indulge Gadgets

Every week, right here, Music in todays episode of indulge gadgets well be taking a look at nzxts custom, mechanical keyboard, lineup, with a focus on simplicity and functionality and a starting price tag of about 130. It begs the question: is it worth your time so starting off the keyboard is available in both […]

Anu PinapaHYPE nya dito sa Oppo A95? Long Term Review after 2 Months. Oppo A95 Smartphone Review

Forty three inch up to eight hundred nintendo max brightness and well walada mansion. I dont know um screen refresh rate and 90 hertz or whatsoever. No, so this is just a 60 hertz. The screen refresh rate and meron 8 gigs of ram 120 gigs of storage, triple camera, marina, 48 mp wide lens […]