Nothing ear (1) buggy but BESTY |Final review

This is the first product by carpe and nothing a company. This is famous for founding the oneplus phone. We all know about oneplus one oneplus phone was very famous for never settling ram and oneplus is now subtle, also without any for the reason right. I had one before oneplus 6 and i absolutely […]

Samsung Galaxy S22 Review – Cheapest Option the Best Option?

It still is really good and actually theres. Some things about this phone that i like better than the more expensive phones and the first thing is going to be the design. So this is a more boxy squared off phone. I mean when you look at the edge of it. You look at the […]

Mivi Duopods F60 True Review ! Is it Worth ?

Enc f60 enc stands for environment noise cancellation, so this earphones comes with it and speaking about the features it has got. Hd stereo sound audio, it has got dual mic enc for better calling and this product is proudly made in india, so thats. The main reason i prefer this product for you guys […]

Gadget yang wajib dimiliki ! – Review Ultra Sonic Cleaner ERACLEAN

After jamin Jadi bagi kalian yang penasaran, kalian bisa, langsung aja, cek, linknya, yang udah, kita sediakan di deskripsi, video ini, karena, stoknya, juga, akan, terbatas dan hari ini, Nah, kita kedatangan, satu buah gadget yang sangat, berfungsi bagi, kita, semua, nah, jangan, dilihat, dari, bagian, depannya, karena, memang, Masih berbahasa Mandarin seperti ini, tapi, […]

👉TOP 10 Next Level Camping Gear & Gadgets On Amazon 2022 | Must Have Camping Gear

The padded externally accessed sleeve keeps your laptop, accessible and protected. Keep your water bottle clean and within reach with the externally accessed water bottle pocket comfortable, shoulder straps make for easy travel with this. Carry on compliant pack made from waterproof nylon with a uts ultra tear strength coating. This pack is both durable […]

How to Repurpose Your Old Electronics, Gadgets, and Streaming Tech

The exciting and fun part is getting new gear, but we should probably chat a bit more about gadget end of life. What do you do with your old tech Music? While youre scouting out electronics recycling, we hope youre keeping up with all the work here on so hit those subscribe options down […]

Snapdragon 680, 6000 Pesos Lang?! Sana Ito Nalang Inantay Mo! Redmi 10C Smartphone Review

This is one of their best sellers now below 7, 000, pesos graphic guys known before you 9c. It was really a blast and dominant kind of known, i mean so branson specs for its price, now uh tensilo as your next daily driver, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, very […]

Avalue Webcam Review

That was the microphone which i have set up right here and it is working, and i hope that my voice is sounding clearer and better than in my previous video but of course, adding to the whole streaming setup. We need to be able to see the streamer and thats where this little webcam […]

Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro Review: does it sound premium enough?

Wireless anc, earbuds and ive been daily driving them, as my main wireless earbuds for almost three weeks. To be honest, i had very high expectations initially because knowing how xiaomi has made decent audio products back then, however, at 549 ringgit, the bus 3d pro could have been more, even though its not a […]

Garmin Body Battery Review | Fitness Tech Review

This is garmins metric to see how well you are rested to kind of let you know how hard you should work out during your day. A couple of other companies do this as well whoop. Does this with strain and also fitbit? Does it as well, but were gon na make sure what does […]