👌Best Smartwatches Under $300 | Top 6 Smartwatches Review | Smartwatches

Before we get started with our video, we have included links in the description, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range starting at number. One apple watch series. Seven over the years apple watch has successfully established itself as the best smart smartwatch on the market. […]

AWESOME Dual Driver Sound! 🔥 Soundpeats H1 vs H2 Comparison Review

Please do subscribe to support the channel going forward, hit that like button, if you found the video helpful im going to start by talking about the specifications on these two products and whilst these are in their appearance very different. Many of the specifications are the same, but there are some key differences, so […]

LAUNCH X431 V PRO OBD Scan tool – IS IT WORTH IT? (Review)

Now, what does that mean? Well, not only can the scanner pull troubleshooting codes from the car, it can also talk to the car and instruct the car to either activate certain components or activate certain tests, as well as pull live data a ton of stuff and on this video im gon na Review […]

REVIEW 1 BULAN Pemakaian Infinix Note 11 NFC Indonesia, INFINIX SEHAT?! || GADGET REVIEW #67

6. Kemudian kamera defensor 2 megapiksel dan terakhir camera Eye untuk kamera, depan ini, resolusinya, 16 megapiksel Sedangkan, untuk, fitur di kameranya, ini, cukup, lengkap, yang pertama, sudah, support mode Pro untuk mode; pengambilan, fotonya, Kemudian, untuk di video sudah support Ultras Teddy baik di karena, belakang dan depannya tidak Lupa sudah ada 2 LED […]

SADISS!!! Sejutaan RASA 10 JUTA !! Unboxing & Review Flagship Yang Paling Premium

uay, dan beberapa, nya, sudah, saya, UI style, tapi, ada, juga, yang nggak, bisa, diinstall, Jadi solusi itu adalah, dinonaktifkan Nah, mungkin ini, yang membuat, ram nya tuh kepakai banyak banget sedangkan, kalau smartphone, lain Trump Liga, itu palingan, ke pakainya, sekitar 3 giga ataukah 2 GB ini, ke, pakainya, sudah, 38 joget hampir, 4, […]

SuperEQ Q2 Pro Earbuds Review

Today we have q2 pro from super eq. This is my the newest earbuds yeah. I bought this one from this website. I mean i first found it on amazon, but i found that the price on amazon is 70. Us dollars around 70 us dollars, but on the official website there is a discount […]

Punya duit pun nggak akan bisa beli gadget ini.

.., buat, samperin, lapaknya Oppo Inno Day Jadi Oppo Inno Day itu semacem, acara, tahunan, dimana, Oppo, itu kayak, pengen, pamerin, inovasi, mereka, gitu., Mereka, pengen, kasih, Tau ke publik ke kita kita kalau, mereka, tuh, nggak, cuma, bikin, HP, yang gitu, gitu aja. Nggak cuma jualan, barang yang gitu, gitu aja, Justru, kebalikannya, mereka, […]


Januari 2022 hadiahnya apa hadiahnya, dapat, softcase ya, yang tadi, gue review, pertama Terus dapat potongan cash back Rp50.000 lumayan kan buat, beli, anti goresnya karena memang ini, dalam, kemudian, nggak, dapet, antigores, sekian, itu dari, gua, gadget review, jangan lupa like Comment and subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zU2I2FSr3g

Unboxin and Review Klip Xtreme Nitro

Lo que trae esto y trae el primero trae manual trae manual, a un libro grande sbs manual y usar, las instrucciones que tiene este para ponerlo, aqu entonces, ah tienen su cable, normal o qu tipo, normal para, tu, cargar, tu, para cargarle to pa lante con tu Bocina tambin aqu hay, divisin, hay, […]

EDELKRONE FLEXTILT HEAD v3 Unbaxing and Review. Your Next Camera Gadget?

Not much can beat the smell of german engineering, although made in turkey packed into a small, yet heavy box after a long journey throughout europe. Edelkrone is a german brand specializing in high end camera equipment, more specifically sliders jibs dollies, and what were about to look at today, one of their heads in […]