Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review: Good Enough?

So today i am going to review the latest mid range tablet from samsung the galaxy tab e8. It is the successor to last years galaxy tab a7, which, if you recall, was one of the go to budget tablets of 2021.. However, a lot has changed since then. You see the demand for tablets, […]

Pixel 6 Review: the only smartphone you should buy

You probably know by now that i do have a couple issues with this phone and some mixed feelings about it. For those looking for a premium tier flagship device, it does check pretty much all the right boxes, its incredibly powerful. The price is really good as well, and the software with stock android […]


Co satta biasa atau yang speednya, sekitar 550 nanti kita akan test juga dan bagiannya akhirnya dia integrated dengan, intro HD, grafik dan saya mendapatkan laptop ini, BGD, ide dengan, harga, 5000000, 999.000 Sebenarnya saya agak, enggak, yakin, untuk brand handphone, buat laptop dan saya, coba, kontak, orang, infinix, Saya coba tanya perihal garansinya dan […]

Top 10 Gadget Review #2022 #top10 #thegadgetshop

We call it the ultimate gaming case. On the one hand, its a modular charging case, the replaceable battery will keep your switch always charged on the other, its a grip case. You will appreciate the feel it brings you. It comes with three sizes of grip, so you can always find the one that […]

Jackery Portable Charger Bar 6000 mAh Review ~ January 2022 | Gadget Review

1 expert rating. If you need a power bank that can juice up your devices a few times through usb charging, one thats, also sturdy and lightweight the jackery portable charger stands tall is one of the best portable chargers in all those categories. This will be your best friend when youre desperate to fully […]

GETIHU Portable Charger Review ~ January 2022 | Gadget Review

8 expert rating, the geti hu power bank, features impressive specs at a modestly priced 20 that can entice anyone to see if the world of portable power is for them. If not, you can take advantage of the money back guarantee. If you miss it or forget, hey, you only spent twenty dollars, no […]

Review Jujur Infinix Note 11 NFC – HP yang menarik di Harga 2.5 Jutaan??

com, komentar, mengenai, kualitas, gambar, dari, kamera, belakang, infinix, no11, NFC ini, ya, guys terus ya, guys See Musik Hai, Musik, Musik, Kemudian, dari, sisi batre, live di HP, ini, juga, awet, banget, secara Battery Life, disini Baterainya, itu bisa, bertahan lebih, dari 7 jam pemakaian, secara, eksotik dan itu worthed, banget, lah, untuk, pengguna, […]

Long Term Review: Orangeck/Stilinto 8-port USB Charging Station with display of current per port

Why did i buy it in the first place and how is it performed? Lets? Take a closer look Music before we get going. I want to confirm that this is a totally independent review. The review unit was purchased out of my own personal funds and i have no relationship, financial or otherwise, with […]

Infinix Hot 11 Review 1 month Later: Should You Buy?

Video is my take my review of the infinix hot 11, which is a budget device that boosts of 90 hertz refresh rates, a 50 megapixel main camera and a 6 000 milliamp hour battery its been out here. For a little over a month now – and i have been testing this as my […]

Xiaomi 11T Pro Unboxing & First Impressions: Makings of an All-Rounder?

Now this smartphone was launched back in september and its taken xiaomi its own sweet time to get it to indian shows. Now, when it comes to specification, it comes with a snapdragon 8 processor, 120 hertz oled screen stereo speakers, a 5 000 mah battery that charges weight using 120 watt fast charger. Yes, […]