Unboxing Haul – Ultimate Tech Mystery Box – GadgetClub Review

Go ahead and open this thing up: Applause cool! So off the back, i can see some lovely looking games. Uh looks like its like a game. Boy theme im, not exactly sure to be honest, but it says here that kind of explains what what you get. So we get ourselves a built in […]

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Review – The Best Smartwatch You Can Get Right Now

This is libby tech here back with another video and im here, to give you a quick review and my thoughts on the gtr pro 3 pro now. This watch does not get enough advertising or you know it. Doesnt get enough videos with the other big watches up there. I wish they would um, […]

Pixel 3 XL in 2022: The END GAME! (10 reasons why you need to own it!)

You can feel the age, but still a really good phone up to this day. Camera is great and the performance is also better compared to other cheap budget phones. Pixel 3xl reaches the last update the android 12, the end game, but today ill give you 10 reasons. Why you should own pixel, 3 […]

Amazon Fire TV Review: Best $250 TV?

When you hear the word amazon, many things might come to mind. Perhaps the rainforest in south america, but most likely youre thinking of the online store where you can buy almost everything from books to face masks to halloween costumes. Techies will also know that amazon makes gadgets from the popular kindle to the […]

Perfect Laptop Untuk Konten kreator!!🍕 Review Asus Vivobook Pro 14X OLED

kai tadi, sih, udah, terhitung, bagus, banget, ya, karena, bisa, dipakai, untuk, ngedit, berat, dan juga, untuk, main game dan untuk, temperatur, ya, sendiri, menurut, gue, ini, masih, adem, untuk, dipakai, kerja, berat, Dan Rawa juga stabil, palingan, sekalinya, kalau, kita, pakai, main game ini, suara, kipas, bakal, kenceng, kita, Cobain, aja, kali, ya, jadi, […]

Review Samsung Galaxy A03 Indonesia || Kok bisa ya kenceng gini ???

000 nanti kita, akan, lihat, Seperti, apa, kualitas dari case clear, dari, Samsung Galaxy Note, 3 ini, biar, enggak, penasaran, saatnya, kita, mengucapkan, markinbox Mari kita, unbox, oke, Musik, Hai, Musik, ini, dia, bagian, dalam, setelah, kita, Unbox kita keluarkan dulu ini, ada, IMEI dan juga kartu garansi, kemudian, langsung, terlihat, handphonenya, masih, diplastikin, kita, […]


000, samping samping, lawan road Lepas, tuh, kelebihan, diare, hidupnya designer memang, sangat, sangat, padu, semacam, aku, Sentosa, Yang berat aku dalam 64 GB dengan ketinggian 168 banyak untuk 155cc ini, sesuai, untuk body masalahku, tapi kalau, bodi, yang lebih, besar, sedikit, perlu, menggunakan, yang lagi, besarlah yang jenis, 310 bila bahwa bonus, om, full […]

Krylon Snap And Spray Can Gadget Attachment Spray Paint Can Clever Tool Review

Welcome to the 9malls gadget review channel today, im going to review something pretty cool, actually its a krylon snap and spray. So i dont know how many time youve used a spray can and your fingers kind of get a little bit of spray paint on on them. This, hopefully, will solve that issue. […]

Unboxing: Iphone 11 Pro Max bought online 2022 + Store Review (DIM Gadget Ph)

Thank you so for todays video im gon na share to you my new iphone 11 pro max. So for those who doesnt know me yet i am from mindanao and i bought the item via online, so its very risky for my part because um so what i did is to legit check this […]

Canon Powershot ELPH 180 Review ~ January 2022 | Gadget Review

4 expert rating if youre looking for a cheap camera with lots of features like digital zoom, a 20.0 megapixel ccd sensor and hd video capabilities, the Powershot elf 180 is worth a look. It also comes with a memory card slot and has a long battery life. It made our best digital camera list. […]