Xiaomi Youpinlab Heyplus Smart Watch Sport Smartwatch Full Review

So how about lets unbox, it so hi guys its me mitch double auto xiaomi review and welcome back to my channel. So i have here this all new watch from a plus and they called it the a plus watch so yeah. I know that haywatch has been doing making some of those. I […]

Poco F3 Long Term Camera Review featuring Asus ZenGimbal – SM Grand Central Cyberzone Tour!

So this one is a lightweight portable gimbal, like its a bag. For the melody on pocket for you to vlog anywhere now, this is a good companion to those okay in a smartphone, okay, Laughter, so hi guys and welcome back to my channel. This is zen gimbal and it came in sealed. So […]

New knife / gadget review

I normally dont do this, but uh i dont know i just bought it. I make knives. If you know me, you know im making eyes and i got thinking. Why would i want to take a really good handmade knife that i made out and beat it on pieces? So i got some gift […]


What chipset yang cukup populer yaitu MediaTek helio g88 dan tidak ketinggalan sudah memiliki sensor, yang lengkap, seperti, sehingga, roskop, yang sudah hardware, dan sensor, kekinian yaitu, NFC, jadi, saya, rasa, untuk, smartphone, dengan harga di Kisaran, 24 jutaan Selatan, ini, benar, benar recommended rekomendasi yang ketiga, adalah. Redmi. Note 10 es ya: semalam ini, […]

Compare iPhone Bekas | PStore vs Renan Store vs BStore vs AHHA Gadget

Ah gadget ini Steven 128 tapi nanti gua akan 1min Link yang tiga2nya, tuh Harganya, berapa dan untuk, iPhone yang dari, pr nya, gua pakai, iPhone 6s yang 128 GB jadi, sorry, banget, kalau, misalnya, dive, sangat, sama, tapi, gua, akan, kasih, tahu, secara, perbandingan, apa, aja, yang kita, Dapat di toko, tersebut ya dan […]


Thank you: banget ya, buat misteri, udah, nanya, nih, pendapat, gue tentang, daily driver yang gue, pakai, tapi, sebelum, masuk, ke, segmen, yang tadi, dibilang di awal, ya, kita, akan, bahas, beberapa, smartphone terbaik di 2001, gue pengen, nanya, juga, nih, klu, sebetulnya, pada, saat, belum, menghasilkan, konten, nih, Ya: masukkan konten video kan juga, […]

Kitchen Gadget Reviews That Will Make You a Better Chef! Mitthu Gadget #amazing #coolgadgets

What if you had a remote finger, introducing a dabrox fingerpod fingerbot is the smallest robot in the world for controlling all kinds of buttons and switches. Remotely and smartly no expensive replacements required all your existing appliances can become smart devices in seconds. Stop worrying about whether you forgot to turn off the lights. […]