BenQ Eye-Care GW2785TC Review- A Monitor for Work and Study

Dont be sexist lah.. If you care about your childrens eyes like Eye Care or if youre, a professional who wants to stop squinting, when reading emails from your very good boss, that keeps emailing you after hours, then you should probably keep watching because today Ill be reviewing the brand new BenQ Eye Care, […]

Garmin Forerunner 55 Review – Buying Your First GPS Watch in 2022? Comfort + Surprising New Features

This is one of those watches where, if youre on a budget, or maybe, if youre, buying your first gps watch, this is definitely one that you need to consider all right. Well, thank you so much for stopping by. I do want to let you know that i paid for this watch with my […]

WEWATCH V30SE Projector *Projection/ Volume Test* – Gadget Explained Extended Unboxing

I have come here to chew, bubble, gum and kick ass. You could ask yourself, do i feel lucky well, do you think ill be back your disease, Applause, Music? I have come here to chew, bubble, gum and kick ass. You could ask yourself a question. Do i feel lucky well, do you think […]

Noise ColorFit Ultra 2 Smartwatch Unboxing & Review – BEST SMARTWATCH 2021

This is anuj from gadget. Kick noise has launched one more smart watch and this time its the color fit ultra 2, and in this video were going to unbox it and well show you its features and guys. If youre new to our channel, then dont forget to subscribe to us and turn on […]

Lenovo P1 Gen4 (and X1 Extreme Gen4) Review and SSD, RAM Upgrade

ill, be upgrading the hard drive and adding more ram as well. This laptop is also branded as the x1 xtreme gen 4. theres, slight differences in graphics and processor options, but they are essentially the same machines and the processes in this video will be identical for each youll, see incremental changes under the […]

Gadget FanaTech Year-End Recap 2021 Part 1 – TECH REVIEW

It is the time of the year that will gather and recap what happened with the gadgets we featured before if its working and would i still recommend these gadgets until now. This will be the part 1 and will feature the gadgets from the year 2020 and early 2021 when we started the visa […]


So what are the things that i liked and what are the things that i didnt like the first one i liked is ultra combat its lightweightness, its wet proof and very comfortable to wear and its nice isolating design fits more ear securely than standard airpods and it Delivers better bass and overall sound […]


We are going to talk about owl pro and lets review it and know about this gadget, so it is 360 degree, camera mic and speaker combined into one easy to use device. It creates the experience of in person, participation for hybrid teams and integrates seamlessly with the conferencing platforms you already use. So […]

The Best Gadget for Daily Skincare | John Gadget Reviews

Next, video all right so today were gon na talk about another gadget. Thats gon na help you out in your daily life, as we you know, always talk about so todays, probably a little bit different, uh normally ill talk about. You know your daily life and the gadgets thats useful mechanically in your […]

OPPO Find N Real-World Review: The GOAT Foldable

I hope you guys are healthy and safe, and this video im gon na take this phone out for a day for a real world review ive been using this phone for over six days now. This is actually day seven. So right now, im actually on a zoom call. Right now on the outside, […]