iTel S17 Unboxing and full review – Why you MUST NOT BUY.

This is on the entry level side of its with all new gorgeous look and some on gun on gundam men. In short, the specifications here are just unknown to me. I tell ya here are some reasons why you shouldnt buy the ideal s17 whats up guys. It is derek welcome back to my […]

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro – Ultimate Review & Upgrade Guide

, give you the general outline im, also going to show you how to upgrade it and give you my final thoughts. If you want my final thoughts, just jump ahead to 720 or thereabouts anyway. Here we go my third gaming laptop in two weeks, theres the specs i upgraded to the 32 ill. […]

Anker USB-C Power Strip (w/Surge Protection) Unboxing & Review

I had actually got this as a cyber week deal in early december and it was a pretty good deal. I mean it was on sale for 45 bucks and nowadays, amazon is selling this for 67, so it was a good deal at the time and, if youre interested in buying something like this […]

Samsung A52 5G (after 6 months): Best value A-series phone with flagship appeal!

I mean we do have budget phones that offers better phone for cheaper price, but samsung won ui experience together with a gorgeous amoled screen and 5g connectivity. The 2021 lineup is hard to beat. They dont offer the best specs sure, but they bring stability. Great brand name and familiarity of samsung phones today […]

The Best Innovative Laptop and Gadget Stand | John Gadget Reviews

Now you see when you put your laptop on the table, you cant really go through that and then its really hurting for your finger to be do like this, its not like stable its just kind of like this on the table. So you would you dont want to do that to make it […]

Gadget Origins-Enforcer’s Escape Custom Set Review!

This uh set right here is a custom set that i got for christmas um and it is uh its called uh or what im calling it as the enforcers escape. So basically uh. If you remember my character, the enforcer from my custom, showcase um, he uh um. I i came up with the […]

Gadget Origins Custom Set Review: Speedstorm Chase

If youve seen my uh living gadget, custom, minifigures, uh, wave, two video, then uh, you might recognize the name, speed storm and it was this character but um. This is his origin uh set. So this this car is called the speed, storm and also thats his name, but some accident happens later. I […]

Living Gadget Custom Set Review: Electric Heist Chase

You can check out um, but this is the big one. This is the um uh electric um, uh heist chase, so um uh. First of all, um i have a few builds that i kind of stole from other sets um the first one being this little atv from the taskmaster um helicopter set […]

Indulge Gadgets: The new Apple MacBook Pro 14 review

A series of divisive choices from the prone to failure, butterfly switch keyboard and the less than intuitive touch bar to the switch to only usb type c. Ports in the pursuit of slimness have seen the macbook pros, lose favor with their core pro audience or had them clutching their pre 2016 macbook pros […]

Viral Counting Crochet Hook Goes WRONG!

Ive seen this crochet hook online about a year ago tried to purses it, but it was completely sold out and it popped up again, so i had to grab it right now. This crochet hook is going for 49.99. They said originally it cost almost a hundred dollars. So half off i thought you […]