Gadgets!😍New Gadgets For Home in India, Smart Technology For Home, Items Necessary For Survival πŸ‘‰#14

I never saw it coming. I couldnt read the signs. I dont know why ill? Let you in this time i must be blind. I guess i couldnt trust you cause. All you did was live. Oh no. I have to keep you off my mind. Music want oh too, Music, Music, so Music, this! […]

Amazon Echo Auto UNBOXING and REVIEW 🀠

This will be actual feedback and we will not show any bakwas just to get more and more views. Im not going to show you this video, so this will be actual image and actual feedback, because i have seen lots of videos on youtube, but theres, not a single video whos shown the actual […]

Review Inside Dashboard ECU FuelTech FT550

I prayed TVS, Metro, Tebo, dia, kalau, terbaru yang ada di PD, tekan di naik, tekan nilai nilai TVS, aku, Hei, Siti, elengi, couldnt, picek, datalock, untuk, record kita, punya spek, contohnya, kita, katalog, detik, record growth, record kenzou, beli, kita, Clancy, kita, tes, key kita, Bapak kilo, Apakah Sekedar tekan datalock dia, boleh record […]

PSA Dagger Review w/Gun Owners of America

We are out here at a secret undisclosed. Location were gon na. Do some range time. I have my friend youve seen him here on the channel before this is alan rice of gun owners of america. Thank you for traveling to the commonwealth of massachusetts. You know what theres a lot worse places than […]

Daily Objects Cases Review/ iPhone13pro /1199 Deal.

I didnt see any video on youtube, so i thought lets make a video for youtube, so i bought it. Two cases uh structure – and this is the packing for daily objects, as you can see its a cardboard box, pretty eco friendly, and these are the cases that i bought Applause. These are […]

iPhone XR review and deal

Lets just call this the christmas episode right here, where i want to talk to you guys about the iphone xr and the deal that comes with it. If you switch carriers over to cricut, this will be a very good deal for those that are looking to buy an affordable phone and, of course, […]

The Red Cup Drink Kooler Gadget Review

Welcome to that most gadget review channel today, im going to review a fun product. This is the red cup. Drink cooler keeps your drink icy cold, so im definitely going to test that out and youve seen red cups at parties. So its kind of a fun product that takes it to the next […]

Boat Rockerz 333 Pro & 330 Pro Review – Neckband Earphones

First, i want to clarify what is the difference between the 330 pro and 333 pro, so on the 333. You will get braided cable and on 330 you get the regular cable other than that they are exactly same. So if you plan to buy any one of these pick the 333 pro and […]

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review : Unnecessary But Necessary

I want one not just because its the latest samsung galaxy watch, but because im, an analog washed upper guy and having used the galaxy watch for classic for the last two weeks, makes me wonder why i wasnt intrigued to smart watches. In the first place, i somehow seem to always thought that smart […]

AMBER X Smart Personal Cloud Storage Device REVIEW

Youre gon na get some literature here and uh. This is always helpful to hang on to uh its in a couple different languages, its going to show you some basic specs, but speaking of specs. Let me go over those really quickly with you so that you guys can see exactly what the amber […]