LG 38WN95C UltraWide Monitor Review 38 144hz, GSync, 1ms

Gaming work, you name it im talking about the lg 38 wn95c now before we go ahead, dont forget to smash that subscribe button and notification icon to get notified of our latest videos. So now lets jump in Music. So when we think of monitors, there are so many different types from regular to […]

5 SPEK HP DAN HARGA 2021 (Suport 5G)#gadget #updatehp #smartphone

5. In Chicago MediaTek, dimensi, 705g Kang 4, gigabit 6 gigabit memori internal 64, GB 128 GB kamera, 48mp Kuwait, 2mp, makro, 2, MP3 Dave, baterai, lipo, 5000 miliampere jam, Poco, MP3, Pro ini, ada, dua, harga, ram 464 gigabit, 2000500, Rp99.000 RAM 6128 gigabit, 2891100 masih dari, kerabat, Xiaomi, Redmi Note: 10 5g RAM […]

The Breather Review 2021 │ How To Use The Breather?

The breather is the number one selling respiratory muscle training device that helps naturally improve your breathing. In just two weeks. The breather uses a scientifically proven process called respiratory muscle. Training. Rmt is an all natural method that uses air resistance to train your body to breathe stronger and more efficiently. Now you can […]

7000mah Monster Samsung Galaxy M51 Review. The Productivity and Endurance KING featuring the 730G

Introducing to you what i call the 7k beast. This is the samsung galaxy m51, a mid range spec smartphone, with a whopping 7 000 milliamp hour battery ive docked my sim into this girthy beast and for the past week, ive used it as my personal device im going to run you through everything. […]

Belkin Magnetic Portable Wireless MagSafe Charger 10K Review – BoostCharge at its best?

My name is christopher hamer and today were looking at the belkin boost charge magnetic wireless portable charger. Now this charger is a pretty nice one. Its 10 000 milliamp hours of capacity works out at about 36 watt hours of actual charging, and overall this is one of the nicer um higher capacity charges […]

Poco F3 Review Nine Months Later | Best Value Phone 2021

Nothing has really changed. To be honest, if you time it right, you can actually grab the poco f3 for around 250 ish quid these days and considering you get premium performance, a spooge worthy media setup and some pretty decent camera tech. That is an absolute bargain, like seriously just go, buy one now […]

Roku Streaming Stick 4K | Full Tour & Review

How can something so small bring you so much joy and no im not talking about anything trousereal im banging on about the fresh new roku stream and stick 4k, which has just hit the uk for 50 quid, so its not just dinky its pretty bloody, affordable too. The roku stream and stick 4k […]

Roborock Auto Empty Dock Review

As part of my roborock s7 video series, you can check out the other parts of the video series in the pop out banner here. The auto empty dock is specifically for use with the robo rock s7 model. Only it wont work with any other robo rock models, and this was in part one […]

Amazon Fire TV Omni 65 Review Should you buy

So lets take a look and see how well it gets hey guys, thunde here and welcome to another video and review on a brand new tv set. This is the amazon fire tv omni, and this is the 65 inch model. I want to give a shout out to our sponsor of this video […]

review mouse gaming

doc, lagi, Nah, itu dia, caranya menghemat, jadinya, tidak, terlalu, boros, kalau, kalian, biarkan, tapi, kalau, kalian, pengin, Infinity, kalian, boleh, aja, pakai Mouse gaming, yang pakai, kabel Aku, sebenarnya, lebih, suka, yang enggak, pakai, kabel, jadinya, luas, atau, Bisa dibawa kemana mana kayak pengen dicas, kita, nggak, usah, cabut, itunya, buat, ke, komputer, langsung, […]