Jowua Tesla Accessories Review & Uboxing w/ Awagumo

For me to review and uh. We did a video collab with one of my friends, uh shes, our goomba ill link her below yeah, so they sent over some accessories right, um cup holders, tray, console tray and also a usb hub and also a game controller. So i thought all these were very […]

Galaxy S21 Ultra Android 12 Review – One UI 4.0 Is Awesome

0. So what this means? That is the lightest and freshest update to the galaxy s21 series, so theres couple of things, thats changes in the ui and theres couple of things that remain the same. So first off. If, if we press the power and select button, youll get the same power off restart […]

SKYTECH Gadget TV: Microsoft Surface Pro 2021 Review

Finally, brought the surface pro line here in 2016., however, prices have been extremely high, making this a luxury product here we finally have with us. The latest surface pro model, which was launched internationally last year, were eager to get our hands on it. To see what the excitement is all about and whether […]

INI DIA! REKOMENDASI Smartphone 1 Juta-an Di Tahun 2021 Channel LEGAWA GADGET! || GADGET REVIEW #62

Rupiah baik dari mana dengan empat rekomendasi, smartphone hingga, satu jutaan, untuk tahun 2021 berdasarkan channel legawa gadget jadi kalau, saya, perhatikan, untuk, smartphone, yang harganya, satu jutaan, itu rata rata, harganya, pada next semua jadi, harga, tas, saya, beli, dengan, harga, sekarang, itu cukup, berbeda, dan bedanya, bisa, Sampai 200 300 ribu rupiah jadi […]

Inspector Gadget’s gadge review first of many I expect!!

Today, video involves a gadget or two bridgets many gadgets shown. Firstly, these reusable coffee pots and thats something oh, there can open it. Yes, its a boy, um yeah, good cup tonight with this magical um. Second, guardian and the time every goal plus you can get to we dont want to get to […]

Infinix XE21 Earbuds Unboxing and Review – ARE THEY REALLY GOOD?

In this video we are going to go over everything about the earbuds from the design, build quality, sound quality connectivity and the battery life. So yeah lets get to it. My name is yudhi. I talk about tech lets, shoot Music so before we begin give this video a like by hitting the like […]

Gadgets!😍Smart Appliances, Kitchen tool/Utensils For Every Home, New Gadgets For Home In India, 👉#14

You mean it, but youre so right were losing track of time, buying things online and its not like. We need them, we dont need them. So can we just slow down? The only thing i do is lay for you and our safe and sound Music, so Music, oh Music, Music. We were on […]

Gadget makes "Golden Eggs" by spinning them? 🥚Golden Goose Review🥚

This is a gadget that supposedly allows you to scramble eggs in the shell, but does it really work lets find out in todays video before i get started, lets flash back to the unboxing and see how that went all right here? It is the golden goose scrambled eggs in the shell egg scrambler […]

Honor 50 review in 2022: Flagship on a non-flagship price! "Hey, GOOGLE! I'm BACK!"

This is jd. Your gadget review friend huawei is back running google services, but not on their p and mate series. Theyre back with their sub brand honor 50. honor 50 is the first one. The company has released globally since the us ban. So, despite huaweis, continued presence on the us entity list owner […]

ZTE Blade V30 Vita Review

This is a zte blade. V30 vita, so jt google mccoragon for the heritage either you have listened the brand name or maybe you have not at all. Can you see you boilerpoint keypad mobile around? Even i have used that phone for the user. This is a really mid range phone, its a high […]