The MOST Beautiful Keyboard I've Ever Seen! Vissles LP85 Quick Review.

The vessels lp85 now lets begin the video right away now. First up the thing that you need to know, first and foremost, is in terms of the pricing this device here is going for 99 us dollars on kickstarter. That means you have to actually commit and pay. First, before you actually get it […]

Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Is Bigger Really Better?

Six, like a new s7 sip, a crack resistant display and fast charging all these, while retaining features such as spo2 tracking, which was introduced last year with the cd6. Despite all of this, a question that has been echoing, in my mind, is that is this apple watch series 7, a big leap over […]


dll kalau kita konversi, ke, srgb, itu bisa, sampai 133 persen srgb, jadi ini, kualitas, warna, yang punya, rentang, sangat, baik, jadi, sangat, cocok, untuk, kalian, tidak, hanya, Itu refresh ratenya atau responden yang sore responnya dia di 02 milisekon kebanyakan laptop remidi, tiga milisekon, itu sudah, sangat baik, tapi ini, jauh, lebih, baik dan […]

Maxima Max Pro X5 Smartwatch Unboxing & Review – BEST SMARTWATCH 2021

This is anuj from gadget gig. Today we have with us the newly launched smartwatch from maxima and is the maxima max pro x5, and in this video we will do the unboxing and show you its features. So here is the box of the max pro x5, and here we can see it comes […]

vivo Y76 5G Full Review: A Gaming Phone For Youths? *I'm Getting Old* 😥

Now, on the box itself, we have two heroes right here. One guy is an assassin another one is a mage. If you play mobile legends, you would actually know these heroes and vivo is actually giving out a free, random skin of these heroes. Right here, if you actually purchase the vivo y76 5g […]

iPhone 13 Full Review After 1 month!

Today i have the iphone 13 with me and as per the market feedback, this thing is not selling as well compared to its pro siblings um. The peoples mindset, especially here in the south asian region, is that iphones are a piece of a fashion statement and they would rather spend more and get […]

9 New Products Amazon & Aliexpress 2021 | Cool Future Tech. Amazing Gadgets

Push like and lets go Music. Sometimes i simply get lost. I dont know where to go. I dont know what to say Music, then you show up and help me find. My way is late, but we have time for a coffee. Perfect lets go speak freely in over 70 languages. The only voice […]

Bahas Gadget edisi "NFC di HP?" | UAS Penyutradaraan TV Manaprodsi

Gb kalo untuk kebutuhan, sehari, hari, Ya, udah, lebih, dari, cukup, banget, lah, ya, editing, video multitasking dan lain, lain udah, pasti, lancar, banget, cukup, karena, ini, saya, nggak, biasa, main game di HP, Jadi untuk, performa gaming, nya, belum, bisa, dites, dulu, tapi, dari, klaim country, director, Xiaomi, Indonesia, Alfin C chipset MediaTek helio […]

Top 5 Best Smartwatch in 2022 – Best Smartwatch Amazon – Amazon New Gadget – Reviews 360

So like comment, this video and hit the subscribe button for more videos now lets get starting number 5 samsung galaxy watch, active 2 silicon, strap, plus aluminum, bezel, bluetooth, international heart and health monitoring, 1 4 34 millimeters circular super amoled, 360 by 360, full color, always on Display corning gorilla glass, dx plus […]


Ich finde die, verpackung sieht, sehr, schn, aus, er ist einfach standard im, gorki style gehalten, aber wenn es die, packung aufmacht, sind, erstmals drei gleich nebendran die jeweils 30 zentimeter haben, ich habe es in meinem fall vier stbe, angeschlossen von den sechs, sieht einfach geil und ich. Finde es extrem sind nur ziemlich […]