My camera um stop okay, Music, if youre doing a vlog about uh a certain area, video using your shades 30 seconds 30 seconds volume, Music, Music, uh, oh um, Music. Music is Music, but definitely not sure if its 4k perma 1080 sigur at least speaker Music. Oh Laughter, Music, oh Laughter, Music, nice, […]

Smart Egg Pro – My Honest Review

So here it goes Music Music. So what we have here is a smart egg pro from a company called ico, and i actually backed this project because mainly ive been using logitech harmony hub for many years. Dont get me wrong its really good, but sometimes if i were to command google assistant to […]

New iPad Mini 6 Case User Review (DTTO) 2021

I decided to try out this case just because of its unique look. As well as the fact that it can double as a stand – and it also has the ability to stick to things like refrigerators and metal doors, and it also has a place for the apple pencil – this is something […]

Realme GT Master Edition Unboxing and Full Review in Bangla


Old Gadget Review: Nokia 215

Whether it is a gadget review or the technology explanation – and this is still in the series of the old gadget reviews and the gadget that i want to share with you or explain to you or review it to you – is this one. This is nokia 215, so maybe you will never […]


Megapiksel naik kamera dengan, bukan, cahaya, F, 1.8 Selain, itu ada, dua, kamera, lainnya, itu 2, megapixel super kamera, dengan, bukan, cahaya, F, 2.4, dan 2 megapixel super macro kamera, dengan, bukan, cahaya, F, 2.4 yang dibalut, dengan frame yang benar, benar, elegan, dan enak, dipandang, dan ini, disebut, Oleh Vivo adalah dual tones tab, […]

2 Minggu Pakai Xiaomi Redmi 10 Review Indonesia

00, atau, Redmi, 9, Taeyang udah, lebih, Dulu pakai speaker double kalau untuk software atau perangkat lunak dari, Redmi 10 nih udah menggunakan, Android 11 dengan yusenter Fisheye, versi, 12, poin, lima, poin, dua, untuk, RAM dan internal storagenya, Sengaja saya, pilih, yang 464, GB di varian, Ini, sisa, media penyimpanan, ada, dikisaran, 42, GB, […]

The Gadget Discovery Club Review – Is it Worth It?

So, as some of you may know, the gadget discovery club service is a service subscription box. So basically you get a new tech or gadget each month or each quarter. I was subscribed to it thanks to my sister and she bought it via groupon. It was a deal on groupon where you could […]

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Full Review,బాగానే ఉంది కానీ || In Telugu ||

My channel subscribe. My channel subscribe. My channel subscribe, my channel subscribe special guest six point: seven inches super amoled screen.

Old Gadget Review: HP Laptop Removable Battery

Both the gadget reviews and also explanation about the technology terms – and i also um kind of liking, the audio engineering thing. So if you are the music antheas or viewing vicious or the technology enthusiast, then you come to the right place to my channel, and this is my new series that i […]