Huawei MateView – Un monitor BRUTAL ¿Será el mejor? [Unboxing + Review]

Porque me parece innovador me parece diferencial me parece muy premium me parece algo distinto, a lo que estis acostumbrados, a ver le podis echar un vistazo aqu, a mi derecha est huawei main view es una pantalla un monitor profesional orientado. A la productividad y que os va a sorprender por muchos aspectos quedaros […]

The Most Affordable 4K 5" Camera Touchscreen Monitor – Portkeys PT 5 Review!

One of the problems i found with this camera is the ability to output 4k recording onto an on camera. Monitor now ive tried, andy cine 4k monitors ive tried, feel world 4k monitors every time. I tried to connect it for some reason: it didnt work. If i switched my camera to 1080, it […]

10 New products Aliexpress & Amazon 2021 | Cool future tech. Amazing gadgets

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Old Gadget Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

So you could call me a pro beatboxer and uh. This channel is also about technology review, whether it is a gadget review or the technology explanation things and in this video. This is a part of the series old gadget reviews and i will show you my older gadget and the last videos i […]

18 Coolest TechGadgets Inventions that are worth buying 2021 Review GADGET

So we found great gadgets for everyone lets go healthcare devices are gaining in popularity these days and for good reason. This o2 smart ring helps to address several problems like snoring and sleep apnea. It does so by constantly measuring your oxygen level, heart rate and body movement. If it detects snoring or sleep […]

15 Cool Tech/Gadgets for your Car!! 2021 Review | GADGET

This digital tire pressure gauge is going to help. You maintain correct tire pressure, reduce tire wear and extend tire life. The backlit lcd display and light nozzle are visible in dimly lit areas and the accurate easy to read digits help you easily measure your vehicles, tire pressure. The tool provides four settings, the […]

MSC International Meow BPA Free Bag Ties Gadget Review

Welcome to the 9 miles gadget review channel today, im going to review another joy by msc international. This is msc international. I reviewed a lot of these products on my channel. They always seem to be pretty fun. This is the meow perfect for ceiling freshness. It says bag ties and yeah, so you […]

PILIH MANA? Redmi 10 Atau Tecno Pova 2? Jangan Sampai SALAH Pilih! || GADGET REVIEW #54

Layar di teknova dua akan terasa lebih memuaskan daripada, Redmi 10 dengan layar yang lebih, besar warna, lebih, keluar dan brightness yang lebih, terang pastinya, akan, lebih, nyaman, sedangkan, kalau yang butuh, support 10 sentuhan dan ingin merasakan sensasi layar refreshed sampai, 90hz tentu, Redmi, 10 adalah jawabannya kemudian Yang ketiga di sektor, dapur pacunya […]

Ditonton Biar vivo Resmi-in Plusnya Tahun Depan.. – vivo X70 Pro+ Review

Imagine Cup khusus yang dikembangkan, Vivo fungsinya banyak diantaranya untuk menghasilkan video yang lebih, baik di road, menghasilkan pergerakan yang lebih, smooth saat, kita playback video maupun gaming, lalu juga untuk mengurangi noise, baik foto, maupun, video jadi Ice bawaan, Snapdragon level, 8, plus akan bekerjasama dengan chip ini Di Vivo xlt berstandar, itu enggak, […]

Old Gadget Review: Samsung Smartphone Removable Battery

My channel is actually about music, especially beatboxing, because i am a pro beatboxer ive been beatboxing since 2016, and also um some of the audio engineering things uh, because i love to learn about audio and also the technology. The tech means that i will do some gadget reviews and also explain to you […]