Pixel 6 Pro & Pixel 6 Unboxing & Case Accessories Review

Pro so lets not waste any time and jump in now, our favorite accessories that we love are from spigen and theyve got a bunch of cases and things you can use with this device. But first off lets take a look at both our devices here: the pixel 6 pro and the pixel 6 […]

Vivo X70 Pro Review!

This is nirmal here and in this video well be doing a detailed review of the vivo x70 pro so vivo x70 pro is vivos flagship device under the x series. The x70 pro and the pro plus were announced a few weeks back now we have the x70 pro and we have been using […]

Apple Watch Series 7: In-Depth Fitness Review

This is the apple watch series, seven and ive been using it for over a week. Now, before that i was using the apple watch series six and a year prior, i was using the apple watch series, five and so on and so forth. I guess the point that im trying to make is, […]

XTAR SN4 7 in 1 Camera Battery Charger Review

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Old Gadget Review: Asus A450CC Laptop

Ido shoam gadget review. Nosso explanation about teknologi settings – and this is one of the video of the series, the south of goth review, review mioj, the most teoritis continuous and Hai semuanya Iwan. Just You eyes Eyes for vcc debu x, one 54 b. I Hai Enno, show you the box Here. The […]


Gue beli yang warna Space, Grey BTW, ini, gua, kasih, kayak, gitu dan ya, ini, cukup, bagus, sih, kayaknya, tuh, kayak, kesra, Semarang, dan kalian, bisa isi, foto Nah jadi di Micro, 2020, ini dia, tuh, cornya, masih, Core i5 ya, sebenarnya Biasa, aja, sih, Terus, Disini di Anda, Tajweed terus untuk ram nya tuh […]

BOLEH 4K EDITING DAN GAMING? honor magicbook 14 full review

Series in the movie menahan nebula D, menggunakan, teks, teks sense, dimana, populer log in konon, punya, komputer, tanpa, menggunakan, password hanya, menggunakan, tampil dan juga ini, juga, sebagai on off badan kurang, serta, mosfet, Deni, agak, besar, juga, senang, atau, ditekan, dan Paris, move walaupun, tangan, Colombo, perlu, Pada bahagian belakangnya pulang Jalannya, betul […]

Motorola Edge 20 Fusion Unboxing and Full Review

Its the brands latest mid ranger, offering, with an 8 bit 90 hertz oled, display a media, technicity 800u processor and a 108 megapixel main rear camera within the motorola edge 20 series. This one shares a few more similarities with the light version, even with the design, but this is an even more toned […]

Google Pixel 3 XL | Bangla Review | Apple Gadgets

Youre looking to google pixel lineup, the competition samsung galaxy apple, iphone 9 be Music. Okay, it was all on google pixel, 3 xlk unbox color chart. So, hey hello, google box foreign usb c to usb active usb c to usbc charging, cable and ect adapter ever actually on the phone. Okay, just black […]

Hohem iSteady Stick Tech Review 1-Axis Image Stabilization iPhone Gimbal Smartphone Android Gadget

This is by hohem very popular for making gimbals for your smartphone and action camera. This is called the i steady stick and it is a single axis gimbal that has a remote control, an extendable, selfie stick and a tripod lets unbox. This thing well go through all the accessories and all the key […]