M1 Max MacBook Pro (16-inch) Review: I Can't Go Back to Intel MacBook After This

So obviously, if youre watching this video, you already know that i make youtube videos ive been at it for about three years, the last two of which i have been editing all my videos on this. The 2019 macbook pro 16 inch powered by intel core i9, fully specced out im, not just editing […]

Surface Book 3 Gaming Review!!! | Surface Book 3| Surface Book 2 | Surface Laptop 3 | Surface L 4 |

Some gaming microsofts surface book line has grown over the years and the third generation is here. We have the 15 inch variant in the house. I want to thank microsoft for sending the device over now the 15 surface book and the 13 inch surface book. Look really similar to last years variants honestly […]

New AirPods 3 Review: Watch Before You Buy!

Youll see them worn by people on the street and these days any pundit on cable tv and now theyve gotten a much needed follow up yep the airpods generation. Three are here and of course theyre better than ever. But does that mean you should go out and buy one hi im michael josh, […]

Kooler Coozie 30 Minute Test Kitchen Gadget Review

Welcome to the 9malls gas review channel today, im review a kind of a cool item that i found its the cooler cozy. This has been sitting in the freezer for days its ready to go, so it has inactive or innovative arctic bead technology here and its a koozie full of these little beads […]

Samsung S6 (S6 Edge) review in 2021: Still a looker! The rise of Samsung's premium design!

Jun camera. That, once again, the Samsung SC scale Of You passed into the face is Going Back When Typing test results for the world ever met. Dell Samsung, Asus Asus and would spend time to simplicity of small talk is valid, Dual Display and initial command performance to. Let you know her because the […]

1More Comfobuds 2 Review: Worth the Affordability?

. These are an affordable pair of two wireless earbuds and for this one were gon na. Do a quick hands on with the earbuds and see what they have to offer now these were sent over by one more so a massive shout out to them – and i just want to give my […]


Oh my god, sobrang premium, social really bad is here. It is 10.4 inches, plus immersive display dolby atmos squad speakers now and apple paint. Speakers. 71. 000. I made a 7100 mega battery grab mega battery megabyte ultra slim and light helio g80 gaming processor. Ladies Music. Okay, so lets open it actually unit. […]


Usb lapel microphone with total 80 hours working time compatible with pc tablet phone camera, its perfect for live stream conferences or just any type of actual videography when youre out on the go. Absolutely fantastic and im very excited to go ahead and review this. For you all. Today so lets go ahead and […]

Asus Zenbook 14 UM425UA Review: A Safe Bet! (Ryzen Edition 2021)

So, of course, with good looks. Asus has also packed some solid hardware, which it does sort of positions. The 2021, as in book 14 as a formidable ultrabook in the suburb, one lakh rupees price segment, but how do the positives stack up when it comes to the real world performance? Hello? Everyone amani […]

PILIH MANA? Samsung Galaxy M32 Atau Samsung Galaxy M22? SERUPA Tapi TIDAK SAMA! || GADGET REVIEW #55

0 bersama selanjutnya ada di sektor sensor, sama sama, menggunakan, giroskop hardware, hingga memiliki, sensor, kekinian, Yaitu NFC kemudian sama sama memiliki baterai, sebesar 5000mh dengan kecepatan ngecas sampai, 25watt dan yang terakhir, yaitu sama sama, memiliki, fitur, penting, dari, Samsung, seperti, dua, kali, sentuh, layar, untuk, menghidupkan, serta, sama, sama, miliki fitur, always on […]