Google, Android, Cloud storage, Cloud computing Software PBX Installation Guide – Deploy Yeastar P-Series PBX System Software Edition on AWS

Pbx software edition can be deployed on the cloud server to provide a single instance cloud telephony system. This video will explain how to deploy the yay star p service, pbx software edition on aws from step. One all right here we go. First of all, we offer 30 day trial license for free with […]

Google, Android, Cloud storage, Cloud computing Samsung Z Flip 3 Review: The First Big Step!

If this really is the future of how smartphones could be, then the tech is going to have to get better and better to the point where folding in half is just another feature right. There cant be huge compromises or massive price tags or awkward things about it. It has to just be one […]

Google, Android, Cloud storage, Cloud computing 7 AWESOME Nextcloud Apps I Use Everyday

Now, if youre not sure what next cloud is. Basically, it is a free and open source web platform that allows you to self host a lot of these services that you turn to either google or microsoft for such as things like cloud storage, online office, suites teams, applications and things like that now […]

Ozone Layer, Earth, Carbon sequestration, Ozone depletion, Atmosphere STD 7 SCIENCE L – 6 PART- 3

Today we will be studying chapter number: six, that is physical and chemical changes, part three, so children in my last two parts we have studied about what other chemical changes: Music, Music, which are the chemical Music. Now let us see more about this chapter. Yes, a practical shape. What is protective shape? Let […]

Ozone Layer, Earth, Carbon sequestration, Ozone depletion, Atmosphere Hydrogen: what are the multicoloured options for this fuel?

The element is, after all, the fuel of the stars and by far away is the most abundant element in the universe. Helium is the next most prevalent and together the amount to about 97 of the total abundance of all elements. But in our present discussion it is hydrogen gas h2, which is the […]

Ozone Layer, Earth, Carbon sequestration, Ozone depletion, Atmosphere Methane: The Greenhouse Gas We Can No Longer Ignore

. If you are following the public conversation around climate change, then you know the focus has mostly been on reducing CO2 emissions, which is urgent., But if we wan na cool down the planet, we should also be paying attention to methane. Emissions. A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC […]

Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite,, Ring The Witcher: Wolf School of Kaer Morhen

. After the First Landing of Nordling settlers in 760 AR humans quickly spread throughout the continent, establishing their realms and slaughtering any who stood in their way., Though this led to war with intelligent races like the Elves organized military expeditions were too costly and inefficient to succeed against Roaming beasts and monsters who […]

Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite,, Ring I read 3 Hades and Persephone books | Weekly Reading Vlog 038

It is time for a themed, vlog um. I had been wanting to do this one for a while. I was gon na. Do it before neon gods came out just didnt work out on timing, but here we are im doing it im going to read a bunch of hades and persephone retellings, so […]

Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite,, Ring Manga Bookshelf Organization

In the background i have new bookshelves, so we switched out the bookshelves i used to have down here, which these were these beautiful wood. Dark brown shelves that really like kind of closed in the room down here like our living room space, so we switched to the bellies just to be. You know […]

Volcano, Oxygen, Volcanic eruption, Atmosphere of Earth, Research 10 Most Dangerous Places In The World

With so many beautiful locations and breath taking sights that this world has to offer. What most people dont realize is that there are also tons of places where your life is in danger. The minute you step in. From violent gangs to lethally high temperatures if youre fond of travelling heres a list of […]