Plastic, Biodegradable plastic How Bad Are Degradable Plastic Bags? The Answer May Surprise You

You can tell look 100 degradable. This is also degradable, but what is the difference? This one is green, washing in fact, to my mind, more than green washing. This should be a criminal offence seriously. I am probably more degradable than this degradable plastic bag after roughly 10 years after death left out in […]

Plastic, Biodegradable plastic Ditch the plastic

And what i’ve got here to start with is some coriander. These plants were pricked out in the rest of this tray yesterday and there’s, just a few left here. To give you an example of what we use on the green tones range to grow these on so wood fibre pots. They come in […]

AirPods, Apple, Beats Studio, Active noise control, Beats Electronics Review: Beats Studio Buds Are Everybody’s Bud, or Bruh, or Sis… whatev

I didn’t see these coming. They are, at the same time very apple and a departure from apple or beats by dre’s recent earbud releases and, while y’all may have forgot about dre this time, around dre definitely didn’t forget about droid. So who are these four? How do they sound? Are they overpriced or […]

AirPods, Apple, Beats Studio, Active noise control, Beats Electronics by Dr. Dre – Beats Studio Buds Noise Cancelling Earphones – Beats Red Unboxing

I didn’t have my coat in my car, so i’m soaking wet right now, but look what we have here, guys the beats, studio, buds gon na be doing an unboxing and letting you guys know what my first initial thoughts are and if they are worth to buy 150 bucks not too bad, either […]

AirPods, Apple, Beats Studio, Active noise control, Beats Electronics werbeats Pro?! Which are the Best Buy?!

I thought to myself. I really don’t need them. I mean i have the airpods pro earbuds, which i’m completely happy with and for exercise. I have my powerbeats pro earbuds that still work completely fine. Just like the day that i took them out of the box. That being said on paper, the beats […]

Electronics, Computer, Computer recycling How to EXTRACT GOLD from electronics Hard Drive

Just look at how red hot it gets. Music, an inferno and inside incredibly hot, if you thought, you’d seen a big pair of tongs before check these out a two man pair of tongs to lift up that giant crucible. If there was gold in that scrap, it’ll be mixed in to that molten […]

Electronics, Computer, Computer recycling The easiest and cheapest way to find classic computer treasure: Scrap Yard Fridays

At my favorite junkyard let’s see what’s in the pickup bed, the mystery pickup bed. If anything yeah. No, this might be uh. This might be a bad friday. There is not much in here, it looks like the same stuff that was in here last week. We’Ve got, we do have a server Music […]

Electronics, Computer, Computer recycling /scrapping for cash – green small metal socket motherboard

Uh let’s see what are we we’re working on a dell? We got a big old dell here, it’s a says: pentium 4 ht windows xp, all right so let’s get on in there. This one looks like it’s going to be a pretty classic kind of scrap out man it’s a warm one here […]