LED-backlit LCD, Television set, Light-emitting diode, LG Is the BEST Gaming TV also the BEST SOUNDING TV? LG C1 Review!

New tv, yeah i’ve never hung a tv. This big from the research i did since we just became an lg dealer and i don’t know much about the tvs. This is supposed to be the best tv in a reasonable price for gaming that’s. What i plan on using it for the most is […]

Post-credits scene, Loki Wandavision New Post Credit Scene Explained – Marvel Changes and Easter Eggs

This is going to be my video for that new marvel, Wandavision post credit scene that they just added everyone’s wondering what’s going on. There are a lot of questions you had so i’ll explain why they added a new post credit scene and what’s actually going on here, because fans are seeing a bunch […]

Post-credits scene, Loki WANDAVISION Updated New Post Credits Scene Explained: Full Ending Breakdown & Differences | MCU

We watched as she sat sipping some tea after successfully ruining the lives of an entire town and getting away with it scot free now wonder, had gained the darkhold and, as she walked around outside of the cabin we saw that inside her astral projection was reading through The book the theme of doctor […]

Post-credits scene, Loki Episode 3 Ending and Post Credit Scene

Is this really necessary? There is a simple explanation: hey. How will you stop it? Music, right, you’re, right, all right, okay, you killed us. Maybe we can fix it. Okay, uh did the screen make you feel better. What now i don’t know you broke the temp well and that planet is about to […]

Black hole, Neutron star, Neutron, Gravity, Gravitational wave gh Junior Challenge 2021 || Using Wormholes to travel to Parallel Universes! -Abeer Gosain

This idea is known as the multiverse. The idea of the multiverse is that when our universe formed not just one but several big bangs occurred, resulting in different parallel universes, each of these universes contained its own laws of physics, properties and galaxies, not too dissimilar from ours. We don’t know if they exist […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Kazuya Mishima, Nintendo, Tekken, Bayonetta – Kazuya Combo Guide (How to Play Kazuya)

Obviously, this won’t be everything, but we tried our best and it’s gon na be a lot of moves, so let’s get right on to it. First off we’re gon na talk about every single one of the tilts and how they can be used in battle. First off you have the up tilt which […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Kazuya Mishima, Nintendo, Tekken, Bayonetta Vergeben speaks about SMASH BROS DLC HINT

So if you followed smash bros over the past few years in terms of rumors and leaks and somewhat speculation, you might recognize the name. Vergaben and he’s had a pretty interesting track record right. Going back to when smash ultimate was uh. You know we got the inkling teaser trailer around, that time frame, […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Kazuya Mishima, Nintendo, Tekken, Bayonetta for FINAL Fighter? | Super Smash Bros Ultimate

I love putting out video and getting your guys thoughts and opinions just to really create a conversation and whilst looking through the comment section on my last video, i did see a theory floating around regarding the next and final smash: bros character for fighters pass volume, 2. It’S, a rather simple theory, but […]

Black hole, Neutron star, Neutron, Gravity mma Ray Burst Stole Energy from a Black Hole – Proving Penrose Process

In other words, it provides the observational proof for the theory that we’ve had for a very long time that you can hypothetically extract energy from a spinning black hole. But how exactly does all this work and what exactly is this proof? Well, first of all, the theory behind penrose process is pretty solid […]

Black hole, Neutron star, Neutron, Gravity devouring a neutron star spotted for the very first time 'Another milestone'

June 29, after recording the merger’s aftermath, using a global network of gravitational wave detectors even more remarkably, a second black hole, neutron star collision was detected just 10 days after the first event. The discoveries will help scientists better understand how these binary systems a black hole and neutron star pair, take shape. The […]