Escape from Tarkov, Battlestate Games, Player Mid Air One Tap | Stream Highlights – Escape from Tarkov

They cut left a little bit, so we can see the open field. Danny m thanks to the primer t1 conversion. So many converters conversions that cool things for the six months, dude ruckus 988. With the tier three sub for two months, we get some moisture chips at two three subs i’m in trouble […]

Cursor, Roblox How to Drag Parts with your Mouse Cursor : Roblox Studio

So, if you’re looking for to make a game where you can make a milkshake and you can put items like cherries, raspberries strawberries inside a milkshake, then this video will help out. So basically, what it’ll, let me do is when i click on a cherry. I can drag it with my mouse and […]

Cursor, Roblox New Cursor Updated?! ( 2021 ) | Roblox

My name is duong and in today’s video i’m going to show you guys about roblox update that noble, secretly update the cluster here and, as you can see, is, i think you know it’s available for around around the world who play roblox. So yeah for all the countries here so yeah as you […]

Cursor, Roblox OBLOX'S CURSOR CHANGED!! (The Community Reacted…)

The question i’m gon na die guys today’s a landmark in roblox history. Cursor change, look it! It looks different. Let you even hover over the top corner. It changed completely. I kind of forgot what the old one looked like anyway. Oh yeah, it looked like that. Okay, never mind guys. The world is […]

Data breach, LinkedIn Conti Ransomware Attack on Healthcare + CEO Warning to ChartCapture & Aesto Health Clients

Please invest a few moments to watch this security summary in its entirety and then share it with other members of your leadership team. The fbi has confirmed that conti ransomware attacks are currently targeting and breaching u.s healthcare networks of all sizes and types now. Conti typically steals healthcare into these files and encrypts […]

Data breach, LinkedIn Practitioner Brief June 28th, 2021 – Microsoft Vulnerabilities, Mercedes Benz Data Leak or "Breach"

Everyone welcome to the practitioner brief james azar. Here your host we’ve got a busy show after a awesome weekend. I hope you guys all had a magnificent weekend. Game got some rest recharged, your batteries, getting ready to get started into a new week here with cyber security. We’Ve got like i said, a […]

Data breach, LinkedIn Breach Affects Over 92% Users

Your data was probably taken 700 million over 92 percent of users. Data has been taken and is available on the dark web let’s roll, the intro. The idea is simple. Every day i go live for about 10 minutes. We discuss digital marketing, among other things, including business mindset things like that in the […]

DiDi, Initial public offering, China, Reuters, Uber Technologies Inc di IPO Analysis – The $67B Company Taking on Uber

Hailing companies with 493 million annual active users and is backed by a prominent set of investors, including tencent, alibaba, apple and uber themselves. Didi is set to go public at an estimated valuation between 62 and 67 billion dollars, making it one of the largest international company ipos on a u.s stock exchange like […]

Ransomware, Virtual machine, Linux, Computer, Computer security, Encryption 2 1 Virtualization Basics CompTIA A+ Core 1 220 1001

1 or windows 10. Or what have you? But inside of that, you could run the virtual machine. A separate operating system that is stored as a file as a virtual machine on the computer on the hosting computer, and these virtual machines are known as guests. You might have wished in the past that […]

Ransomware, Virtual machine, Linux, Computer, Computer security, Encryption How to Download and Install FortiClient 7 on Windows 11 – Youtube

Today we are going to download and install ford client version 7 on windows, 11. let’s proceed. We will download first, the ford client setup application open your web browser go to and login to your account. If you have devices linked to your account, then you can download it here, but if you […]