Asteroid, Earth, Asteroid Day, Tunguska event International Asteroid day

The same curiosity that sends us to the stars at the speed of thought urges us to go there in reality and whenever we make a great new leap, we elevate humanity, bring people and nations together, Music, ushering new discoveries and new technologies. Music. So remember to look up at the starts and not […]

Asteroid, Earth, Asteroid Day, Tunguska event June 30…The Tunguska Event

That gives you just enough information to effectively be that guy at the party causing all your friends to question hey who invited you like seriously. Why are you here i’m, your host michael montalban, for the next few minutes. We will swim through the river of time to try and find out what makes […]

Asteroid, Earth, Asteroid Day, Tunguska event ms to raise awareness on asteroids, threats it poses

Where do asteroids come from. I was just doing some research and i found that there’s a connection with comets uh. Yes, both uh asteroids and commons are the leftovers from the formation of the planets. So this happened four and a half billion years ago, uh. But much of that material is still orbiting. […]

tvOS, Mac OS X Public Beta, Apple TV, macOS, iOS 15 Beta 2 is Out! – What's New?

So first of all, let’s go into let’s, go into my photos app and see how big this update was for my iphone. So currently, right now the update was 1.85 gigabytes and the first one was about 4 gigabytes. I i forgot how much the first one was, but today we’re going to be […]

tvOS, Mac OS X Public Beta, Apple TV, macOS, iOS 15 Beta 2 is Out! – What's New?

Aaron here for Zollotech and today apple released iOS 15 Beta 2.. This is available to developers and hopefully very soon, to public beta testers. Apple has said that that should be coming in July or based on their WWDC keynote.. They said next month which would put that in July.. Sometimes it does come […]

tvOS, Mac OS X Public Beta, Apple TV, macOS, iOS 15 Beta 2 – Was ist neu? | 10+ neue Funktionen & Änderungen + Public Beta! | Nils-Hendrik Welk

In 1 14 das ist wirklich nur eine kleine nderung, aber auch hier hat sich ein bisschen, was getan eine weitere kleine nderung befindet sich, auf dem, lockscreen und zwar, bei medienplayer, wenn, ihr dort ein lied, oder ein video abspielt und dieses, hier eben angezeigt wird, das, ist Insgesamt dieser play jetzt wieder etwas […]

SpaceX, Falcon 9, Elon Musk, Space launch INSANE NEW Super Heavy To Finally Rollout!!

If you want to get latest spacex news space news and learn more about rocket science, then you can subscribe to our channel today’s. Video is an exclusive one, especially made for all spacex fans. In this video we will cover. All progress happened at spacex starbase this month, that is in june. First of […]

SpaceX, Falcon 9, Elon Musk, Space launch GAME OVER! SpaceX SLEEPING MONSTER The Super Heavy!

Speaking at a conference in mexico, some five years ago, elon musk said that history is going to bifurcate along with two directions. One path is we stay on earth forever and then there will be some eventual extinction event. He has consistently spoken about his lofty dreams of developing habitable cities on mars to […]

SpaceX, Falcon 9, Elon Musk, Space launch Reveals Changes in Starship's Orbital Flight Plan | Transporter-2 | Ingenuity | Starlink

The mission named transporter 2 is spacex’s second dedicated small satellite rideshare mission following the launch of the transporter 1 mission in january. The transporter 1 mission delivered 143 small satellites to a sun synchronous polar orbit, while transporter 2 is expected to carry around 88 spacecraft into a similar orbit. The payloads include small […]

Fortnite, Doomsday Preppers, Epic Games I Spent 50 Hours In Prison

There gets the wall i’m just gon na do what he says. I am officially locked in prison with no lift how’s. It going not good. Basically me nolan and all my other friends agreed to spend 50 hours in prison how’s it going boys. I feel right at home, just so we’re clear. We […]