Good Smile Company Anime Convention Haul! | Nendoroids, Art Prints, Enamel Pins

As you can see from the title. I have a pile of stuff that i picked up from a recent convention uh. I usually go to conventions like two or three times a year and of course, i’ve been missing them. A lot recently, so i was super, excited to go and especially hit up […]

Good Smile Company Nendoroid Captain America (Sam Wilson) DX & Nendoroid Winter Soldier DX Overview

Today i am here with kenji, with the good smart company planning team he’s, the creative producer for the marvel networks and today he’s going to give us a look at an annoyed winter soldier and android. Captain america, from the falcon and the winter soldier we’re, currently looking at the deluxe version of ninja […]


Ah, ah, Msica ahora, no est pro pasa escribano muy fcil. Ah rey me, golpe sbado es que la espiga y que sienta fciles tal, vez sea un poco de condena la meta as a Msica, ah en la isla s. Ah Msica fecha pasa pero en el canal. Hoy es total grit, reuters, carlos […]

Little Nightmares, Steam, BANDAI NAMCO, Tarsier Studios E NIGHTMARES 2 Quien es el Hombre Delgado – Parte 6 El Larguirucho – Gameplay Español Comentado

No lo creo, no congelar coge los chats, ah corrompe a menos vamos hola esto, ms pero eres y te quedas con el larguirucho de con el bote arriba six, a un escupitajo para recuperarla la perfecta viene con nosotros; no, no nuevos, tenemos, nueva, voz, por, aqu arriba. No es Msica creo que se […]

Little Nightmares, Steam, BANDAI NAMCO, Tarsier Studios – Abenteuer #03 – [GER/HD]

So ein klar und jetzt ich denke dass darber das schaukeln und du wirst mir darber springen, ich sehe halt so wenig dass, ich nicht wei wo, ich hin muss das kabel htte, ich gesagt htte wohin, aber das wrde ich fast schtzen, wir, mssen, mssen, nicht da lang. Sage, es mal, so das, raten […]

Far Cry, Ubisoft, Xbox One AR CRY 6 EXKLUSIV Gameplay & Preview / Far Cry 6 Deutsch / Far Cry 6 Gameplay / Far Cry 6 Vorschau

Jahren fand eine revolution, statt seitdem ist die insel isoliert von der auenwelt doch jetzt ist die zeit des kollaps gekommen der prsident, anton castillo fr, die insel mit strenger, gewalt und unterdrckung, um ihm und seinem, sohn, diego das leben, so schn wie, mglich zu gestalten und seinem, Ihren traum der insel jahre zu […]

Far Cry, Ubisoft, Xbox One This Far Cry 6 Gameplay Leak Has Everything!

So while no one is supposed to upload any gameplay, i have seen a massive leaks already. If you are hyped for far cry 6 make sure to hit the like on this video let’s get 500 likes. You also have a chance to win an upcoming 2021 game on your platform of choice by […]

Far Cry, Ubisoft, Xbox One 6: Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer – Rules of the Guerrilla | Ubisoft [NA]

Rule 16, a guerrillero’s revolution, never ends., Always another war, another cantina, another ugly, bartender. Juan Cortez.. What do you think gave it away? Guapo GROWLS. This is a fucking waste of time.. Can you whistle What Nah you can’t whistle. WHISTLING? Growling SCREAMS, Not bad Dani., But we’re, just getting started. Rule number one. […]

Far Cry, Ubisoft, Xbox One AR CRY 6 NEWS: OFFICIAL GAMEPLAY Coming TOMORROW! Far Cry 6 Gameplay News Ubisoft PS4 PS5 Xbox 2021

. If you haven’t heard already ubisoft is throwing all the ads and everything out there. They released a new little teaser trailer worldwide. Gameplay reveal tomorrow, and the reason this is surprising to me is because we know that e3 is in a little bit over two weeks here and there’s gon na be […]

Acer TravelMate, Laptop, Intel 6 Laptop 2in1 Convertible TERMURAH! (Mei 2021)

Unlimited ke MMC walaupun ram, nya gede ya, lapan, the dan stylus belum termasuk dalam pembelian batia 6 jutaan dapat dites butuhin wanita good Joe kayaknya di paling, masuk akal gitu kalau lagi, nyari, yang bentuknya, dicubo, Mungkin, emang, agak, sulit, ya, cari, harga, segitu, dengan, CPU, yang dari, Stek yang design, kalau mau bener […]