Tailless whip scorpions, Spider Assustadora Aranha Chicote Amblipígio (Amblypygi) Arachnids whip spider Documentary animal

No, so utilizadas para caminhar, os amb juiz. No possuem glndulas de veneno portanto, no oferecem perigo aos humanos e na regio, anterior da carapaa, possui, um par de quelceras, be segmentadas e subo peladas que utilizam para capturar presas com, auxlio dos pedipalpos, algumas, espcies, exibem dimorfismo, sexual representado, por um, pedipalp, o maior […]

Tailless whip scorpions, Spider First Time Handling Tailless Whip Scorpions… The Infamous "Spider" from Harry Potter [UNBOXING]

Am i going to be totally fine or which i like to think i would be, but they are a bit intimidating and we’ll see maybe i’ll handle them. Maybe i won’t time will tell but let’s get it open and i will show you what’s in here. So this is something i’ve been waiting […]

Cloud9, Zven, League of Legends, Mithy, League of Legends Championship Series Rueda de prensa de MAD Lions tras las semifinales del #MSI2021 contra DWG KiA

I feel like i was really exhausted at the end of this journey and i couldn’t give my 100. So i regret a bit of yeah not being able to prove what we are really capable of if i’m, in my best shape so yeah that’s my biggest take away from this uh. Thank you […]

Cloud9, Zven, League of Legends, Mithy, League of Legends Championship Series This Is How You JUNGLE DIFF In Solo Queue! | C9 Coaching ft. blaber & Reignover

This guy loses every game. Well, he’s! Actually, here we are let’s, see how good he’s, using uh he’s a bronze one 640p or she is bronze. 164 p. 15 wins 18 losses, evelyn man, not the worst, not iron. All right, let’s check the let’s check the build portable, mainly yeah, prototype. First. Is […]

Hewlett-Packard, HP Envy, Laptop Replace a Touch Screen on a HP ENVY x360 15 (2020) 15-ed, screen disassembly

After peel up at the corner, you just use some um hope to get inside you will. You will see some of the um the remove mystic paper and put the hood into the hole of the paper and put it out. This is the design by the factory hp factory um for the engineer […]

Hewlett-Packard, HP Envy, Laptop Macbook Air (M1) Vs HP Envy 360 (i5) 2021

El equivalente antes antes de hacer, el cambio la marca apple, la principal diferencia, que vamos a encontrar en este es que una es de 13.3 pulgadas la ms google y la otra la hp es de 15.6 pulgadas empezaremos con un pequeo un boxing de esta hp, esta Hp se llama laptop hp, envy […]

Hewlett-Packard, HP Envy, Laptop ilion x360 (2021) | Review and Unboxing

Two in one laptop. This configuration is rocking the latest tiger lake specification. So for this particular laptop right here we have intel’s latest 11th generation, core i5 processor, eight gigabytes of ddr4 ram, intel’s latest integrated iris xc chipset. We also have a 500 gb, solid state drive and yes, of course, we have […]

Little Nightmares, Steam, Tarsier Studios, BANDAI NAMCO • Videojuego PC • Reseña (o algo parecido)

A inside un plataformas con sus puzzles y normalmente es un juego que quiz nos enseara, porque, mi ordenador, no va a ir bien pero. He querido hacer la prueba, a ver si con todos los grficos en bajo y una resolucin propia de mediados del siglo, 20 podramos intentar jugar al juego, a ver […]

Little Nightmares, Steam, Tarsier Studios, BANDAI NAMCO á de graça na Steam! Corre que é por pouco tempo.

A gente, a hora que eu vejo essas informaes aqui importantssimas e boas eu j lembro de vocs Moo eu falei com, voc, por favor, gravar um vdeo, a o gravar um vdeo, para mostrar, para piazada, a o jogo grtis, Inclusive eu ia, gravar um da da Epic Games essa semana que todas as […]

Little Nightmares, Steam, Tarsier Studios, BANDAI NAMCO Escaping The Maw! Little Nightmares Free For A Limited Time!

This game is currently free until may 30th, so that’s sunday so go get it while you can. So what is old nightmares usually cost like 30 bucks. I believe, and the second one just came out it’s like a platforming horror game with puzzles. So let’s give it a try, and here we go. […]