Overwatch, April Fools’ Day, Blizzard Entertainment, Googly eyes Streamers React To April Fools' Googly Eyes Joke Again! – Overwatch Funny Moments 1508

What easy wait! A second! Can you peek without you, then it’s magic, holy, oh i’m? Returning the form, my game started out kind of rough, but uh i’m kind of going crazy. Now? Can i not get cc’d for five minutes? I died. Do a pile drive, balloons, i’m gon na be real with […]

Fortnite, Egg, Epic Games, Battle royale game ORTNITE DINOSAUR UPDATE!

Royale video here on to the channel, as you guys can see the fortnite llama rama event just started today and i hopped onto rocket league and actually unlocked all of the challenges and rewards a part of this event. So we actually have the zooming weapon wrap. We have the llama rama loading screen, […]

Fortnite, Egg, Epic Games, Battle royale game DINOSAUR BOSS in FORTNITE!

The choice is: yours drop a like now, fournette, just added some of the most insane content ever so today. I’Ll be showing you, the newest secrets, related to a new boss, slash dinosaur, npc, coming new upgrades coming to vehicles and weapons, and also some major collaborations that will be happening, but really quick, […]

Fortnite, Egg, Epic Games, Battle royale game 's April Fools Update is WEIRD…

This thing is very unique: it’s, not just a re skinned grenade launcher it’s gon na work a little bit differently and there’s also eggs around the map that you can find uh. If you eat them, they give you five shields. You also get the hop rock effect. Quick note about the uh today, […]

Fortnite, Egg, Epic Games, Battle royale game, Easter How To Unlock ALL Spring Breakout FREE REWARDS In Fortnite! (Webster Skin)

The brand new battle pass, and also skins and emotes from the fortnite item shop. If you guys want to be him with a chance of getting a gift, all you have to do is drop a like on today’s video subscribe to my channel, making sure you turn all notifications on and finally comment […]

Fortnite, Egg, Epic Games, Battle royale game, Easter This Shotgun is Now USELESS (Nerf), New Battle Pass Reward, Pleasant Park!

Video 2 a.m is our current time. Downtime has just ended. This is a 16.1 uh update video we’re, going over everything and uh there’s lots it’s a big one, so i’m, just gon na get right to it. Touch that like button for me, though, of course that helps a lot here’s, our new […]

Fortnite, Egg, Epic Games, Battle royale game, Easter Spring Breakout Event & FREE SKIN! New Rock Hop Eggs & Skins! v16.10 BIG Update TONIGHT!

What’S up my friends and welcome back to the happy power channel. Today’S date is 3, 29, 2021, and today we have for you guys our daily dc fresh, but most likely the massive spring break event for 2021 in fortnite. Now, as always to support the algorithm smash out the like button and comment […]

Fortnite, Egg, Epic Games, Easter Jules Is CONFIRMED To Be Midas' Daughter! (Fortnite Secret Dialogue)

So i’ll do these one episode at a time so as not to make a 30 minute long, video here so in this first episode, we’re going to be covering probably the npc that has the most secret dialogue, and that is jules right here. So if you weren’t aware she can be found at […]

Fortnite, Egg, Epic Games, Easter 10 SECRET UPDATES in Fortnite SEASON 6!

My love us all with many countries were four things is within the opponents to Jesus weighted spot solution, person that you’d better take something worth living for Winner. Ten sequel of Death was some are managed and Smash prompted for comments exist for the People. The War, Z, Ngc, gn, ng, Kissinger, makarov, trong, […]

Fortnite, Egg, Epic Games, Easter Hidden Easter eggs on skins

Okay, first one see bunker jonesy, look at that tattoo on him right, let’s go! Ladies there, gentlemen, you see right here, tattoos gone: where is it tattoos don’t come up. They stay forever, so where’s that tattoo it’s gone. I usually need to rig for the first game: jonesy Applause, Music, okay, second easter […]