Xiaomi, MIUI, Mobile phone, India 11 Lite | Unboxing & Full Tour

Smartphone crown with the fresh new me, 11 lite that’s enough chatter, let’s. Actually whip the me11 light out of its box. Take you on a full on tour of that hardware and the software. So you know exactly what to expect ahead of my in depth review and from all the latest greatest tech. […]

2021, April Fools’ Day ÔÇÖ Day 2021 || Origine and History

Ikhsanul Bleach soundtrack, improves she doesn’t work. History of the facial facial ini worth it involved in the sky and Walking fellow citizens and even much handset Brunei and improve your first day At Once. Clear History of approval. Jeng improve our Days free drink, drink, drink drink in Scotland, the tradition, bikin, metode events, […]


Can i watch a new phone? Can i watch on your phone? Fine? Yes, yes, yes, yes, Music, hey, i’m sparkle! I need to go to the bathroom, so badly, i’ll be right back time for some pranking. The next prank is super easy and your sibling will get in trouble. You can even use […]

2021, April Fools’ Day BEST APRIL FOOLS PRANKS! Funny TikTok Prank Ideas on Friends & Family | DIY Pranks by Crafty Panda

Where do we go Music down? Music? Do Music, Music, so Music i’ve got the child to show Music Applause. Music is Music, is don’t. Leave me below Music Applause, so so foreign Music Music. Back from another Music, why do you stay and know where to go? We make a castle to ruin Music […]

LEGO, NASA, Space Shuttle Discovery ­čö┤ NOTICIAS: ┬┐Cancelan set de City? – ┬┐Filtran sets LEGO Star Wars? – Ganador del concurso de Ideas

Nada, ms que agregar en esta introduccin vamos, a comenzar de una, vez por todas con este, nuevo captulo de las motion. News esperen antes de continuar con este vdeo les quiero hacer un breve anuncio y es que en el link de la descripcin tienen una lista de reproduccin, al podcast llamado the planet […]

LEGO, NASA, Space Shuttle Discovery go NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 Officially Revealed!

We have quite a bit of exciting lego news this week and let’s start it off with yet another lego ideas set. That has well not yet a set, but another project that’s reached 10 000 supporters, and this is actually a working bowling alley. You can actually check a little bit more of the […]

LEGO, NASA, Space Shuttle Discovery $$$!

Once again, my name is jim, and this is where we talk about lego, investing and reselling. So myself and i’m sure every person that has ever touched a lego is very excited about this space shuttle uh the nasa discovery, space shuttle that will be released april 1st at first when i heard that […]