GameStop, Stock, NYSE:GME What Happens Now With GAMESTOP STOCK? || GME Stock Prediction + Analysis

The mania continues for the video games. Company game stop after robin hood, have allowed its users to start buying the stock. Again we have seen his stock price catapult back up. So in this video we need to talk about what is the end game for gamestop stock. When will the rally stop or […]

GameStop, Stock, NYSE:GME stop Stock Analysis – DO NOT BUY GAMESTOP stock ? – $GME STOCK

I think it’s. Just the beginning of this new era of trading gamestop is just the beginning, but i don’t think you should be buying gamestop. In fact, if you’re holding any, i think you should consider selling some and i’m going to tell you why you need to be very, very careful with gamestop, […]

GameStop, Stock, NYSE:GME The GameStop GME Stock Situation Is Getting Out of Control…

It’S the only thing people are talking about throughout this entire week, and today it came to a head and we’re gon na go over that today and what’s going on exactly uh for full transparency. I do have some stock actually in gamestop that i bought uh. Like a week ago, so at least […]

GameStop, Stock, NYSE:GME The Gamestop Stock Situation

What jamie’s just pulled up with that and what tim was talking about. Is this insane situation that’s happening, it started out with game stop on with with these these intelligent vipers from reddit decided they were going to figure out well what what they here’s the thing wall, street speculation and these people that […]