God of War, Sony PlayStation, 2021, Kratos BIZARRO! Altura do Kratos COMPARADA com TODOS os PERSONAGENS de God of War

Vocs do ttulo daquele vdeo dizendo que o kratos, no tem chance, olhem o tamanho do Thor ficou realmente impressionante, a proporo dele perto. Do Kratos E a voc j me disseram nos comentrios, a mais Lucas, o preto, os Matos Tits, p, matou, l, o Hrcules e ameaa uma batalha a que, tem uma, […]

God of War, Sony PlayStation, 2021, Kratos COMPREI UM PSP RARO EDIÇÃO DO GOD OF WAR (FUNCIONOU?)

Especial se liga te da hora nessa cadeira oficial da Playstation Pois uma cadeira Gamer feito pelo pessoal da PCs, licenciado PlayStation na melhor qualidade possvel, os braos, so totalmente regulveis e consegue, regular tambm, a altura e Inclusive tem um selinho atrs mostrando bonitinho ali que um produto Licenciado oficial da Playstation e aqui […]

God of War, Sony PlayStation, 2021, Kratos Of War PS5 TEASED BY SONY! God Of War 5 TRAILER SOON! Everything We Know About God Of War 5

Ps5 is my most anticipated video by some people. So here it is so what is good youtube warstu here with a video on god of war, ps5 everything we know and some pretty cool news that could indicate if and when and what is coming check us out on instagram at warstu. If you […]

Power bank STORM 2 / Sci-Fi Inspired Power Bank Hands On

I have a hands on look at a very awesome, looking and badass power bank. This is the power bank storm 2 liquid – and i received this like almost a month ago. Okay and the cool thing about this right is right now it’s going to be in on kickstarter right now. I have […]

Power bank Zeera MagSafe Power Bank – Best Wireless Battery Pack?

So this is a product that was sent to me by xera. They haven’t paid me for a review or anything like that, but they did send me the product just to gauge my thoughts on the product and also get some feedback as well as hope, hopefully give me a chance to make this […]

Power bank 200W MAIS RÁPIDO DO MUNDO!! Power Bank carregador Ultra rápido Teste

Watts e se voc somar a potncia de todas as portas: das, 265 watts 100, a gente se vocs verem ali quanto que d todas as portas vai, dar 265 vrios porm porque que ele vem escrito 200 watts aqui na frente t ele, vem, escrito 200 watts Porque. Se, vocs colocarem todas as portas […]

DJI, Unmanned aerial vehicle, March one News: DJI FPV Drone. Meth on a drone. Drone Advisory Committee.

This is the week of february 15. 2021.. This week i got four topics: four good ones. Actually, the first one is the dji fpv drone that’s right around the corner, so we’re going to talk about some details. I have a question for you: how much meth do you think you can fit on […]

DJI, Unmanned aerial vehicle, March Visiting the DJI shop in Hong Kong, can I buy a FPV drone yet…?

Don’T know if it’s on sale but i’ve heard it’s on sale or is out on the 2nd of march i’m, going a bit early still february anyway, i’m going to check it out and see Music. So what can i say about the dji fpv drone um? Well, basically, it’s going to be one […]

DJI, Unmanned aerial vehicle, March FPV Drone Official Price

My friends we’re backing once again with a brand new video and this one, some breaking news regarding the dji fpv drone. Once again, and this time we have finally really received the official pricing for the dji fpv drone, so in today’s, video we’re going to be sharing with you, the official pricing that […]

DJI, First-person view, Unmanned aerial vehicle, Drone racing PV drone "you'll never fly team"

Oh, you meant the world to me: Music, so, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGqvmqgWTdQ