Hjem RC legetøj BWhoop B03 Altitude Hold Whoop Clone Drone Flight Test Review

BWhoop B03 Altitude Hold Whoop Clone Drone Flight Test Review

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This very small whoop competitor is very simple flier for brand-new pilots, as well as consists of a power slot if you wish to alleviate incorporating a AIO FPV electronic camera. Only use some double sided tape, and also connect its own power slot in, and also you obtained FPV. Locate it listed here, and also discover an AIO video camera for it listed here or even below.

Good appearing whoop competition.
That's cheap.
Consists of alitiude grip.
Blending its manageable air travel qualities along with altitude accommodate makes this a good quadcopter for newbie pilots.
– En gang til, that includes a cam energy port, allowing very easy conversion of the to an FPV flier along with an AIO FPV camera.

Really mild flier could create this relatively uninteresting for advanced pilots. But there is actually a non altitude hold model readily available for such aviators. Discover the non elevation hold variation listed here

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This video clip in addition to every video of the Quadcopter 101 network was actually generated as well as edited along with VSDC Free Video Editor. You might download this exceptional, and no joking "totally free" video clip publisher listed here

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  1. It’s nice. Altitude hold maybe a bit of overkill for a whoop type though but that’s another argument. I’m becoming impressed with the Boldclash offerings I’m just wondering if the B03 would carry the 6g F-08 camera which has an advantage over the standard AIO cameras 😉 It might cut down on the flight time though

  2. Looks like a good cheap beginner’s quad .. a hell of a lot better than what I started with .. and cheaper too. Even though they are located in Shenzhen China, theyclaimthey can ship to US in 3-7 dage .. something I’m skeptical of, since I’ve never had anything from China take less than 2 weeks .. at best (unless you pay for DHL delivery, which would probably cost more than the quad). Nice to have a motor kill button on this altitude hold model. Uses the same size motors as the new AH Syma X5HC (0716), but they might last longer than the same motors on the Syma, since you have a kill button. Didn’t do a test to see how long it takes for the motors to stop when you shut down the TX. Could be a fun to fly quad indoors when weather keeps you from flying outdoors. Thanks for the review. Cheers.

    1. iMeMySelf
      He sure is dedicated to his channel AND takes time to read comments.
      I gave up reading all the comments on one of my videos when it reached 4 million views. Saying that, it’s 9 million atm and I do sometimes reply to one occasionally.


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