CV16 (V16) Dual LCD/IPS Screen 3ATM Waterproof Blood Pressure Smart Bracelet: Unboxing and 1st Look

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Light Kahki:

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Tethering App:
Da Fit –

Video Reviews showing Tethering App information in detail:
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Da Fit: V6 –

The new CV16 incorporates a similar two screen design to the Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro. Here’s what’s said about the Ticwatch: “The TicWatch Pro incorporates two completely different screens bonded together and dynamically switched through Layered Display Technology. This allows for super low power consumption when the LCD screen is active (looks like your old digital watch) and a vivid color OLED screen for active use of the watch. Together they insure you can always see the time, indoors or out, bright or dark.” The CV16 uses LCD and IPS screens, so the color screen isn’t as vivid as the OLED Ticwatch, but it’s a fraction of the cost as well. For a basic health/fitness watch that always displays the time and lasts two weeks between charges, this one is great. The screen switching is instantaneous, and you can always press the side button to toggle between them. The watch is never off, unless you actually go into the settings and turn it off. As I say in the video, this is the watch I usually grab to take with me if I just need a simple watch, because I know I can glance at it and always see the time.

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Important Notices for Blood Pressure Reading Devices –
BIOMETRIC MEASUREMENT WARNING: This device claims to read Blood Pressure without using a cuff to measure actual Blood Pressure directly. The accuracy of the readings HAVE NOT BEEN VERIFIED and MAY NOT BE ACCURATE. As such, you are advised to proceed with caution and to *NOT* rely upon Blood Pressure readings from this or any similar devices for making decisions regarding your medical condition or health. Fitness/Health watches/bands offering biometric measurements such as heart rate, Blood Pressure, blood oxygen, fatigue, breath rate, etc., should be considered supplemental to seeking true and accurate readings taken under optimal conditions by trained professionals using accurate, calibrated equipment. If you feel concerned about your health, do not self-diagnose, especially from using inexpensive, uncalibrated non-medical wearable devices such as this one. Seek proper medical advice. Enjoy your new toy, but remember, it is a toy.

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    1. Yep, first and yep, it’s a small wayh. But it represents a new technology which could grow larger and round in time, rivaling the Ticwatch Pro. We may look back this time next year and reflect on this being one of the first.

  1. Look’s really old fashioned, I’ll stick with the amazfit bip, great review though, I prefer a watch that tethers via bluetooth with your phone like these

    1. Yea, especially with the LCD type screen it nostalgically looks like an old digital watch, but then it lights up as a full fitness smartwatch. Would totally surprise people.

    1. i think everyone is asleep. Either that or they’re tired of fitness bands and watches and want a new Android smartwatch. I could understand that.

  2. I think it would look nice with a suit. I had to chuckle at the freakish charger……..I guess that’s what you end up with when design tech devices while inebriated!!!!

    1. Yea, I didn’t even notice the smiley face until doing the video. Now I spot it anywhere in the room with the hundreds of wires I have laying around. Sometimes inebriation pays off. 🙂

  3. Yes, congratulations about 100k subscribesrs. It indicates that we loge your videos and willing to see more of your videos.

  4. Something different again! Love it. Mr. Ticks have you ever reviewed the XGODY Q11 Sport Smartwatch? It’s only $25.00 and it’s a good one. Thanks

  5. i am ravi, just came to congratulate you for 100k subs , don’t forgot to upload silver play button unboxing video lol ,,,,hostel going on..today is holiday :-p

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