Cubot X20 Pro PREVIEW: iPhone 11 Will Look Like This?

This is tech brothers. We haven’t heard about Gilbert and its new products for a few months. It seems that the Chinese manufacturer has been preparing a big announce and finally, it happened. Please meet cubed x 20 pro as the main features of this van. A triple camera on the back heel at P, 6 to chipset, six and 138 X of memory and 6.3 inch full HD display. This is a first look at cubed x, 20. Pro later, we will try to get a smartphone for unboxing and full review subscribe to our Channel Tech brothers, not to miss new videos. If the front panel of Cuba X, 20, pro with water drop, nudge doesn’t differ from other mobile devices in 2019, then the rear panel is quite interesting. First, it is made of glass. Secondly, have you already seen the first leaks with the image of upcoming iPhone 11? It will have a square on the back with triple camera and flashlight as a new cubed extra deep rock has the same rear panel when Ivan 11 will be released. Many people say that Apple carpet is the design of cubed I’m just kidding anyways a back panel of a year. Cubed fan looks very nice. As for the front panel, there is 6.3 inch full HD Plus display the manufacturer says this is Korean to body ratio. Is ninety two point: eight percent. We know that Chinese companies like to increase this number. This smartphone has used the tape support, but I don’t see 3.

5 Mohammed or Saudi jack. I hope that it will be in generals and, u cubed, x, 20 prologues, a very beautiful and unusual, especially back panel talking about hardware cubed x, 20. Pro has typical chipset and memory for 2019 mid range film. It is powered by Hill at P, 16. 6. Gigs of ram and 198 gigs of internal memory, we have already tested many pounds on. He led P 60 chips at, for example, a Medici f1 play this mark on scores about 140000 points in antigua. Also, the new device from cubed will run an android 9.0 play operating system, perhaps as a main feature of in you cubed x, 20. Pro is camera. There is triple camera on the and it consists of 12 megapixels. The main sensor – Sony IMAX, 486 12 megapixel sensor for the apps effect and 8 megapixels ultra wide lands. You know I am a big fan of ultra wide lands, so I would like to see real images on qubit X, xx. Pro the front camera will have a 13 megapixel sensor. I haven’t forgotten about the battery. It will have a capacity of 4000 tema. There is no information about fast charging, but the phone has USB type c port, so the support of fast charging should be cubed x. 20, Pro is interesting, smartphone, mostly because of design and camera. However, we don’t know the price of this film, so we can say: should you buy it or not? If it will be about 200, then it is a good deal if it’s more expensive I’m, not sure I’d like to buy it by the way.

Cubed will also release the smartphone called qubit X 20. It will have the same design, camera and battery, but he’ll repeat with its rich chipset for gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage. If the camera is more important for you than performance is n, cubed x, 20 may be a better option for you.

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