Chuwi Herobook Pro 14.1 3867U 8GB Windows 10 Laptop

Hands on with Chuwi's new Herobook Pro Kaby Lake U dual core 15w laptop coming soon.

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    1. @TechTablets.com yeah. Since maketing took over everything else. The BS explanation is that the Pro on consumer electronics means “Pro-cumers” not Professional

    1. if you are careful with the laptop it should be able to last the 3-4 years stint, thou i will still advise you to back up your files all the time, if the notebook decides to kill itself it will do so with no warning whatsoever

  1. They started to overprice their devices too much. Last good bargain was chuwi lapbook 14 for less than 200$. These one should not cost more nowadays.

  2. The Chinese products are not priced as reasonable anymore as they used to. Less incentive for me to buy and take the import/ship option over buying local with warranty.

    1. The USD have been rising against most of the other major currencies so its not helping as well. To be fair thou there are still quite a few cheaper option but they are from ‘unknown’ brand just like chuwi and teclast was a few years ago.

    2. @X Fade . That might indeed be a factor. They might not get the components (Intel etc…) at a very cheap rate anymore, hence the move to more “expensive looking” devices to justify a higher sales price.

  3. Small bezzels look really nice on that hero,
    8 GB is nice and hatch + active cooling are my “hero” key features at a 300$ price point …

    Looks like Chuwi has found another gear out of that 4 GB / 64 GB dead road.

    Hopefully Chuwi will give it to you soon or does it need a twitter storm feedback ?

    Best choice so far what I’ve seen on social media from chinese vendors at ifa.

    Have a nice stay + good conversations with all these chinese brands that they WON’T FIRGET US by forgetting you regarding loan units.

  4. They really need to start releasing something in a decent size with and Intel Core m3-8100Y, anything less than that is not worth purchasing imo.

  5. Thank you for the information. I am in college and do not want an expensive computer. I prefer these types of options and am grateful that a company remembers people who are beginners or intermediate with their computer usage.

  6. I’ll give it a pass.. anything less than Intel i3 is severely underpowered.
    I don’t understand who this is for or what’s unique about this that’s not already in chuwi/cube/teclast line-up.


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