Cheapest way to record PS4 and Xbox One Gameplay in FULL HD !

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►►►Read First◄◄◄ * WATCH IN 1080p* !

What's up Guys! Today I want to show you the cheapest way to record / capture the gameplay of your Next Gen consoles, like the PS4 or Xbox One in FULL HD !

You may know that the internal DVR feature is not the best , and to produce high quality videos you should get yourself a capture card. I will test the cheapest one which is currently available and that is the Roxio gamecapture HD pro.

Get yourself one here :


For the xbox one , it´s pretty easy. All you need is a second HDMI cable and there you go.

But on the PS4 there is a HDCP protection , and to bypass it you need a powered HDMI splitter. You can take this one here :

or this

Currently there is no other way to bypass HDCP. But maybe sony will release a firmware update which removes it. If something changes , I will update the description.

And now enjoy the video 
Thanks for watching !! 😀

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Comment (20)

    1. negativ , die roxio gibts bei amazon und co um rund 90 ! um den rest kann man noch nen splitter kaufen für ps4 /ps3 und von der qualität ist die roxio nicht schlecht. Software könnte besser sein ,aber es gibt ja auch alternativen

  1. Great video, it really helped. i had never seen this capture card before this and i feel like this is what ill be getting to record on my xbox. I am definitely subscribing to see more of your how to vids. thanks man!!

  2. Very “cheap”. Man now i just realised how easier gaming is with PC, good thing i have one even though i shouldn’t have bought an Xbox…


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