CES 2019 – The Future of TV Screens – 8K and Transparent Displays !

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Byebye 4K – 8K is here and it soon will be cheaper. Also transparent TV's and mini / micro LED TV's are coming to the market. 2019 will be amazing.
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Yes, there are voice-powered devices at CES. Yes, there will be smart speakers running Alexa, and yes, Google Home will be embedded in TVs and lightbulbs and other things. But A.I. goes well beyond simply telling you what to wear. In one of the first keynotes of the show, I.P. Park, president and chief technology officer of LG Electronics, will detail the company’s vision for A.I., which can “solve this problem of using complex systems, so that the devices become smart. Skyworth has all of that at their booth and I had a look.
Thanks for SKYWORTH for sponsoring my trip to the CES 2019!
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  1. TV is a brainwashed box to me i don’t watch TV anymore its all set-up to trick the minds to keep you from the truth.the whole truth nothing but the truth.


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