CES 2019 – 8K TV’s , Foldable OLED Displays , 7Nm GPU’s and much MORE !

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Foldable Displays , 5G , 8K TVs and more! These are the main topics and trends expected to come to CES 2019. Join me on my journey to CES 2019 with Skyworth !
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With more than 4,400 exhibiting companies and more than 2.7 million square feet of exhibition hall, it’s hard to glimpse tomorrow; that window is plastered in banner ads for Alexa, new televisions, and more iPhone cases than you can shake a fanboy at. Let me do the work for you. I’ve read the 687 emails I received in the last three weeks and synthesized all the announcements from LG, Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm, and everyone else. Here’s my list of the large trends that we’ll see in 2019, to help you make sense of the wonderful, mesmerizing chaos that is CES 2019.
Thanks for SKYWORTH for sponsoring my trip to the CES 2019!
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Comment (22)

  1. Have fun man 😀 looking forward to your video’s as most of the time you’re featuring different things then the mainstream YouTube channels

  2. Have fun in the US. Make sure you eat organic so you can stay away from the worst of food tech while you’re over there 😉

  3. Many have started with hyper fast clips in their videos. Well liked by many but I am old and get dizzy in the head of these 1-3 second clips.

  4. It’s funny 5G… It’s pure marketing! 78% of the world.. Is happy to have good 3G.. Because 4G is pure luxury for most people and continents.


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