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Upgraded C-Fly Obtain Long Range FPV GPS Drone Flight Test Review

The Obtain has been updated with improved gimbal stabilization and extended digital FPV video and control range. Upgraded version is available through TomTop Banggood and GearBest Pros – Folding design brushless motor quadcopter, very reminiscent of Mavic Pro. – Controller includes a built-in 802.11ac 5G WiFi repeater amplifier. This frequency will not create interference with […]

JJPRO X5 EPIK Brushless GPS 1080p FPV Follow Me Drone Flight Test Review

This brushless 1080p FPV camera drone includes follow me, circle, and waypoints capability. Find it here and here is what comes in the box Pros – Uses many of the same parts as the Bugs 5W (controller, motors, propellers, camera, battery). – Accurate GPS/GLONASS system. – True return to home and landing capability on command, […]

Bayangtoys X22 Three Axis Gimbal Brushless GPS Drone Flight Test Review

This brushless GPS drone includes addition of a three axis gimbal for stable video. Find it here and use coupon HY70BY Pros – GPS/GLONASS drone with return to home/landing capability on command, loss of signal, and low voltage. – Large brushless motor drone. – Three axis stabilized gimbal with remote controlled up/down capability. – 1080p […]

Jingdatoys JD-20S Long Flying Folding FPV Drone Flight Test Review

This FPV drone has an extra large battery for long flight time. Find it here and get 5% off sitewide with code SALE10 Pros – Folding drone for portability – 720p HD camera with wide angle lens. – Camera records directly to microSD card to avoid frame dropping and WiFi lag. – 3.7v 1800mah battery […]

Hubsan H123D X4 Jet Brushless Micro FPV Drone Flight Test Review

This little FPV drone is a screamer with plenty of punch from its brushless motors. Find it here Pros – Very little FPV lag even when recording video. A big improvement over the original H122D. – 720p video camera records directly to microSD card. – Very impressive acceleration makes this a very maneuverable sport flier. […]

COMFAST CF-WR371AC 5G WiFi Repeater for Long Range Drone Flight

Can this inexpensive 5G WiFi repeater improve long distance FPV flight (similar to the Mi 2 repeater)? Let's find out. Available from aliexpress here Pros – It's cheap. – An actual portable 802.11ac WiFi repeater. These are somewhat hard to find. – Includes dual antennas with automatic antenna switching for best reception. – Easy to […]

Flytec T17 Folding Optical Flow Follow Me Gesture Drone Flight Test Review

This toy drone includes automatic hover, tracking, gesture, and waypoint capability. Find it here Pros – Optical flow hover tracking that works reasonably well. It may drift a little in wind on takeoff, but it eventually activates for steady hover. – 720p front camera with swivel lens. Belly optical flow camera can also be used […]

W-RC122CH IR Follow Me Drone Flight Test Review

This inexpensive toy drone has a very unique feature that I've never seen on a drone before. Find it here and get $6 off with coupon HYWRC6. Pros – Unique IR sensor follow me system. The first that I've ever seen of an IR follow me system on a drone. – Video is recorded to […]

Excelvan X218S FPV Racer Drone Flight Test Review

This powerful FPV racer has quality components, and tons of punch for freestyling. Find it here and here are some more sales from this vendor Pros – Skystars ST2306 2500KV motors with 5043 propellers – BLHELI-S 30A 4in1 ESC – Omnibus F4SD flight control board loaded with Betaflight 3.3.3 – Motor bumpers and thick carbon […]