Ultra dan Refresh rate sampai di high pada tes kali ini, saya akan memainkannya di grafik, Ultra dengan settingan merata kanan untuk gameplay cukup mengejutkan kalau bermain di grafik, Ultra rata kanan, ternyata off lancar Walau, terkadang, agak, patah, patah, Tapi ini, masih, sangat, wajar, dan nyaman, untuk, dimainkan, Layar yang besar dan touch yang […]

Yoobao Portable Charger 10000mAh Review ~ January 2022 | Gadget Review

6 expert rating, if youre looking for the best portable chargers on a budget, the? U bow, portable charger! 10 000 milliamp hours makes a pretty good argument. Not only is it packing up 10 000 mah capacity. It comes with two usb ports for charging two separate devices safeguards to prevent overcharging and more […]

Anker PowerCore 20100mAh Review ~ January 2022 | Gadget Review

2 expert rating, if youre sick of old power banks that dont hold much charge and need an upgrade badly. The anker power core 20 100 milliamp hours as one of the best portable chargers out there. Not only does it have a high capacity power storage. Its fast charging technology means you get your […]

6 in 1 useful pen review in English /best and useful gadget under 500 // multi purpose tool #gadgets

Unboxer and my name is aman kumar, so guys in this video today i will going to give a review of this pen. As you can see, it is look like a normal pen, but it is not a normal pen. So today i will going to review this pen, so lets get started with […]

Schumacher SP-200 Solar Battery Maintainer Review ~ January 2022 | Gadget Review

7 expert rating. If you own multiple vehicles, you understand the frustration of a dead battery. The battery life of most vehicles and tools can be fickle when left alone for extended periods of time. Your solution is to use the best battery chargers to maintain their charge, while not in use for that. The […]

Ampeak Battery Charger Maintainer Automatic Review ~ January 2022 | Gadget Review

8. 8.7 expert rating ampeak battery chargers. Allow you to choose your own charging rate, which is something you dont often see in battery chargers. It also comes in 8, 12 or 15 amp versions which again allows freedom in your battery charging endeavors. The cooling fan is a little loud, but youll get used […]

vivo V23 Unboxing and Review: Color Changer

Music, hey guys, come here, look closely. What color do you see all right? Follow me what about now? Ah, magic hi, im, michael josh and while im no magician im a gadget, matchmaker helping you find the right device to match your needs. What you just saw was a color changing phone from vivo, […]

Realme GT Neo 2 Dragonball Edition Unboxing + Hands-On #itsover9000

So excuse my look. I know i look a little bit like disheveled right now, thats, because ive been stuck inside the room for the past, like six seven days, im doing a mandatory corn team right now, because i just came back to hong kong from the us. Everybody has to do it um. […]

অল্প তেলে মচমচা ভাজা । Zeblaze Ares 2 Review (Bangla Review)

This better quality, moto motif pixel density. It has a text: color sharp channel, uh spiritual training, fairly; ok, so either fitness tracking top fairly accurate blood pressure. Polycarbonate 19 days standby temperature connected our side devices for sure foreign. This is one of the best smart watch you can buy in this respective price […]

9 smart gadget for home

Some features of this product is practical finger, flashlights, globe gift and bright enough. Flashlight work, blogs and comfortable material, easy to use and convenient to use and battery and screwdriver include our mechanic probes with flashlight Music. The second one is output, speaker, realistic flame effect or dude speaker and superior hd sound and […]