SpaceX, Elon Musk,, Flight test The FAA continues to not issue licenses to SN9 and SN10. Elon Musk's explosive SpaceX rocket test…

Starship update, starship sn10 joins sn9 on the suborbital launch, pad waiting to begin its test campaign. Sn9 and sn 7.2 are ready for their tests as well. Also spotted was a super heavy thrust dome outside back in december 2020, spacex staged a test in which it launched a rocket that’s meant to one […]

SpaceX, Elon Musk,, Flight test rship: What’s holding up for next SN9 flight test? Elon Musk blames the FAA!

. Our first news for today is based on Elon Musks clash with the FAA on Starship. SpaceXs Starship. Serial number 8 SN8 test flight was carried out just more than a month before, with approval of Federal Aviation Administration, to demonstrate the rockets ability to securely launch to high altitudes and return back to […]

SpaceX, Elon Musk,, Flight test rships line up for flight – SN9 and SN10 at the pad

There is so much going on with starship development right now with test tank. Sn 7.2 pushed to its limits this week, plenty going on with super heavy booster construction, along with updates around that highly anticipated launch and high altitude flight test of starship sn9 big news with starship serial number 10 with that […]


For you look at this, these are not shadows. Do these look like shadows? These are not shadows. I’M. Finally, wearing different shoes, haters shut up Music. I have really amazing wonderful super exciting news. Barber shops finally opened and i finally got a haircut. This is the best thing. That’S happened to me in […]


Welcome back to the channel, my name is josh. You can call me jd and in this video we are going to be talking about sneaker resale in 2021.. So, thank you guys so much for sending in your questions on instagram on what were the sneaker resale topics that were most important to you. […]

Nike, Sneakers The END of NIKE SNKRS App, Super Bowl Sneakers, and The Real GOAT

I am your host jacques slade it’s. The show that is proud to introduce our very first sneaker it’s called the cloud naturo double ones. What other brands are doing less work than this photoshop that’s, not even a photoshop it’s. Just the silver anniversary, elevens let’s try harder people come on. Alright let’s start […]

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Resident Evil, Ubisoft O THIS IN THE DIVISION 2 BEFORE UPDATE 12.1 – UNLIMITED RESOURCES TIPS & TRICKS

1, which we did get some news that that we’ll be releasing very shortly yes, and when i say very shortly, that should be coming out February, 2nd so that’s gon na be on tuesday, so they did announce um. They didn’t announce anything via like them on a state of the game or anything, […]

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Resident Evil, Ubisoft | Massive Nerfs Optimization Station by 75%??? | Resident Evil event | Consoles 60fps

Finally, we know about the optimization station and when the patch is going to be coming out, which is going to be very soon for those people with those ps5s and those xbox. One series x, as well as we’re, going to go over the latest global event. And what is coming up in the […]

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Resident Evil, Ubisoft VENT Resident Evil OUTFITS / The Division 2 Deutsch German

Ich habe gestern das, video gezeigt mit dem patch notes, aber am abend kam noch, diese information von ubisoft und dem mchte, ich euch natrlich nicht vorenthalten und wir, sehen uns an was gibt es, eigentlich, bei, diesem event, ja, denn, wir, wissen bekommen, aber was gibt, zusammenfassend nochmal Event: startet am 2 februar, also […]

Five Nights at Freddy’s, Fortnite, Epic Games, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator LENTO PERO SEGURO! – FNaF 2 – Noche 3 SUBTITULADA EN ESPAÑOL

As y me, dijo de que cualquier cosa que haya escuchado sobre el establecimiento son solo rumores y que no les haga caso ya est el fox y me chingando la de vuelta alguien me puede confirmar, si el fuego, ah te respondo fernn, flash y ahora, no puedo Mirar el chat alguien me puede […]