DJI Osmo 4 Gimbal Review – Should I Buy One?

Today we are having yet another amazing product review on this channel, and today we have with us the dji osmo 4.. Forgive me i got it out of the box uh those that wanted to see the unboxing check out this link over here. I did unbox it with dave. Okay, all the way […]

Samsung A13 4G/LTE vs A13 5G comparison | Very Diffrent Phones | Gadget Tank | full review

If you want to call it that the 4G LTE model and the a13 5G, they have different displays. Different camera setups different processors and performance capabilities. Theres. Definitely a lot to go over here. So I wont waste any more time. Lets just go ahead and get right into it and Ill fill you […]

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 – My Favorite Fitness Budddy!

Of course, xiaomi. Having dropping b me branding in replacement of the xiaomi name and before we claim that this is the best xiaomi smart man ever, let us unbox it first. So here, in my hand, is the xiaomi mi band 7.. These are the basic specs at the side of the box. It […]

Honor Watch GS 3 Smartwatch Review – Best Premium Smartwatch 2022!

This is Anuj from Gadget Gig.. Today we have with us a premium smartwatch and its the Honor Watch GS3., And in this video we will do the unboxing and show you the features.. So, starting with the unboxing in the front of the box, we have the model name: Honor, Watch, GS, 3, along […]

BEST Value OBS Tracking Cam – AICOCO 2K Streamcam Review & Twitch Setup

A sign led will turn to green, and now it will track. You give it. The ok sign this one, this one her first ai camera its amazing. Now i can dance in my stream. Its like a puppy Music got a new drip from ai coco, their first generation webcam so proud. This is […]


Lahat now improvement over the x3 gt and im sure that youll be really blown away more on specs, so stay tuned, unboxing, Music, so hi guys. Im president, i got your psychic and welcome back to my channel, and this is the quick unboxing of the poco x4 gt Music dont wan na sleeping […]

Unboxing Mystery Box yang PASTI ada HP nya!!!

000 aja udah, bisa, dapat, bebas, ongkir, Mayan Banget Udah gitu ada diskon sampai 90 lagi Jadi kalau anda udah, kepikiran, Mau belanja, apa langsung sikat aja di WIB, Tokopedia lanjut, buat, HP, yang dikasih, Sebenarnya saya, enggak, penasaran, lagi, Tipenya, apa, udah, dibocorin, oleh, infinix, ini, HP, baru, mereka, infinix, Note, 12, VIP yang, […]

Kodak P210R Mini 2 Retro Portable Photo Printer Review| Witness the Magic

A lot of you have asked about it: thats kodak, t210r mini 2. Retro, which is a portable photo printer, i thought, let me show you exactly how it works and is it actually good and worth a buy, along with showing you different packages that are available in amazon, so lets dive in and […]

Review mic Wireless T&W – REVIEW GADGET

psi ini, kalau, kalian, belum, Toyo, apa, gimana, yuspita, besi, tua, banyak, Perbedaannya trivialnya kalau micro, USB itu dibuat, Hebat HP, HP, zaman, dulu, HP, apa, HP, dibawah, sejuta, dua juta, harga 2 juta gitu, Ok, dan ini, adalah, tampilan, mikrofonnya, ya, ini, mereknya di ending ada kok di toko online toko, ijo di Dukuh, […]


Its me again, robella welcome back to my channel so bakutai maximum lagos, among my father and if youre new here in my channel, please dont forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell right in the tata, no home credit. So i decided to make another video to share my honest review and share […]