Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon Evolution of the Wild Battles on Pokémon Games (1996 – 2021)

He maar naar de baan Muziek Applaus Muziek aan Applaus hoi Muziek en Muziek Muziek Muziek, Applaus, Muziek ja, peter. He pepper ja, maar naar de paarden, Muziek Applaus en Muziek Applaus hoi Muziek, anne Applaus, Muziek Applaus, Muziek ja en Muziek Applaus, Muziek Muziek. He pepper het zo maar naar de app aan Muziek […]

Pokémon, Nintendo Switch Conferindo Este Jogo GRÁTIS e LINDO de Pokemon

No final: do ano e tudo mais isso Acabou deixando passar Ento vamos chegar hoje esse jogo que gratuito para celulares Android IOS e gratuito tambm; no entendo o Switch infelizmente; no tem em portugus como, vocs, esto vendo aqui, mas tudo, bem vamos, l e ficar, triste sempre, Mas sempre n Se tiver um […]

Pokémon, Nintendo Switch Tuber Reacts To Pokemon Legends ARCEUS, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl!

What is this 2019 2016? Are we jumping into a new generation? No way? Df? Yes? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, oh my god! Yes! What is that style that’s? What sid no remix we’re doing it? Look at the clown? Oh my god whoa. I actually like that. Shakes pip love, oh chip […]

Pokémon, Nintendo Switch Legends Arceus For Nintendo Switch BLEW MY MIND!

We, of course, had a big pokemon presentation and if you know anything about me, i’m, not the biggest pokemon fan in the world. Like i check out the games from time to time, i thought let’s go was kind of interesting, but i wasn’t really planning on making a video about this event, because […]

Pokémon, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Arceus, Video game remake, Nintendo Switch, Game Freak Brand New Open World Pokemon Game! Pokemon Legends: Arceus! (Early 2022)

My name is waffles asian yanbar, and we are here with five nine gaming talking about pokemon legends rcs i’m. Here with my good friend, gail riot, say hello: yo what’s, going on guys, i’m uh happy happy! Happy! Bunny! Here, of course, as a huge sinner fan, i am eating good, oh for sure […]

Pokémon, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Arceus, Video game remake, Nintendo Switch, Game Freak I Can't HATE That New Pokemon Game! – Gen 4 Remakes and Arceus Reaction

This is one of those ideas that people have had forever, but it’s just never actually come to life. Now let me start this video off with a bit of a hot take, which is that i definitely did not love pokemon, sword and shield. I know they managed to sell like 80 billion copies […]

Pokémon, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Arceus, Video game remake, Nintendo Switch, Game Freak 's "Let's go, Sinnoh" Tweet 🥴️, Rumors, New Merch, & More Pokemon 25 News!

My name is daejer, and today we got some gamer news, leading up to the pokemon 25th anniversary day february 27th very excited. Hopefully we get fourth gen remakes let’s not get ahead of ourselves. So let’s go over what we know so far as of today february 23rd and at any point, if you […]

Nintendo Switch, Pokémon, Pokémon Snap TOP 2021 Nintendo Switch Exclusives we Know EXACTLY When are Coming! DATED + REAL GAMEPLAY!

Please make sure you hit that like button and also subscribe if you’re someone new now let’s first start off with the game that just recently came out if you’re watching this video as of february, and that is super mario 3d world plus bowser’s fury now i’m, not Gon na spend too much time […]

Nintendo Switch, Pokémon, Pokémon Snap OKEMON SNAP 2021 IRL

Je vous propose qu’on la dcouvre, ds, maintenant, c’est, parti quand j’tais, tout jeune j’ai gratt encore que 14 ans comme sa chasse, je suis parti la voiture, avec mon sac dos wind est, pourchass et des pets, innocente et mal, traite mais, cela m’a fait d’tre, magnifique, aventure, Avec mes amis nous avons aventure […]

Nintendo Switch, Pokémon, Pokémon Snap TOP 5 Reasons to Love New Pokémon Snap!!! (No Storyline Spoilers!)

I am looking forward to the new pokemon snap on switch all right and, if you’re ready, let’s begin number five it’s on the switch console. What better platform could nintendo wait to put this game on and with the newest switch update, which makes it easier for your photos and videos via the switch […]