Oddworld: Soulstorm, Sony PlayStation, PlayStation 4, Oddworld Inhabitants, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Network Trailer PlayStation Games PS5 PS4 Windows

You may have escaped the murderous blades for the fate of your entire people. Applause is up to you, foreign, so you must find your full voice. Music, Music. What are they doing? Did those fugitive, morons burn down their own hideout sounds idiotic, but that’s exactly what it looks like bad kwama for burning […]

Pokémon, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Arceus, Nintendo Switch, Video game remake REMAKE AND OPEN WORLD?! | Kaggy Reacts to Pokémon Diamond & Pearl REMAKE & Pokémon Legends Arceus

You want to call me and it’s time for this boy to meet the new world of pokemon. I just woke up like 10 minutes ago, so bear with me let’s get to it. Show me baby hello, everyone, yeah i’m ishihara from the pokemon company, hey what’s, up yoshihata february 27th is the day […]

Pokémon, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Arceus, Nintendo Switch, Video game remake EW POKEMON DIAMOND AND PEARL REMAKES! BRAND NEW OPEN WORLD POKEMON LEGENDS GAME! | MY REACTION

Don’T you this up, uh huh! Here we go watch it just just your heart. Stop praying please i’m, not mad at this i’m, not mad at that movie. No! No that’s, much better that’s, much better that’s, much better that’s, much better! I’Ll, take this any day. I’Ll. Take this any day, please thank […]

Pokémon, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Arceus, Nintendo Switch, Video game remake Legends Arceus – Trailer Breakdown and Analysis! Open World Pokémon on Switch!?

Today we got a pokemon presents and we didn’t get just one sinnoh game. We got two sinnoh games, so let’s frickin go right now, i’m going to be breaking down the trailer for pokemon legends arceus, so let’s hop right into it. Here we are at the opening scene and right on the desk. […]

Pokémon, Pikachu COMPRO una Nintendo 64 Pikachu NUEVA!!! 25 Aniversario POKEMON

Lo mejor es que podas jugar con los pokemon que hubieses capturado en los juegos de game boy, cargando los en la nintendo 64, a travs de un adaptador llamado transfer pack pero muy pocos recuerdan que lleg a salir una 64 edicin pokemon con forma de pikachu. One si tenemos con nosotros, a la […]

Pokémon, Pikachu de Evento e EITA o Pokémon Presents | Casa do Carvalho

Do Carvalho e contm uma pitadinha de opinies tambm, a deste que vos fala n hoje eu quero, dar uma comentada rpida sobre, o Pokmon presentes que foi anunciado hoje pela Pokmon, para amanh, no caso hoje, dia, vinte e cinco de Fevereiro, amanh dia, vinte e seis de Fevereiro no necessariamente o dia 207 […]

Pokémon, Pikachu Opening Pokémon Boosters Until I Pull *McDonalds Pikachu*

You spilled that guys! What burgers? Oh, not burgers, money! Oh that’s! What i think the americans would say right now, because of that pikachu you’d be smelling money. When you get to a maccas now, i can’t actually go through a drive through with my car, because all this is basically what happens Music. […]

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon What if We Don't Get SINNOH REMAKES Confirmed | Pokemon Diamond and Pearl REMAKE Discussion

I just want to discuss what might happen if we don’t get them like what else could we expect to see announced and what else is possible? You know for them to give us what are the other options for possible games this year and things of that nature. So we’ll start with all the […]


Sa dialectique de bars, les botes pikachu vie les thmes cela avec des cars, promo et aussi les pings connection, les autres trucs arrive dans le futur le 5 mars, je pense qu’il ya, le shining ou baby et le drac, a pu glisser. Je me rappelle bien si je dis pas conneries et bebo […]

Pokémon That Pokémon Direct was…

I really thought that i was subscribed to this youtube channel. No, no, no, that wasn’t a subliminal hint or anything just considering the fact that we’re so close to 300 000 subs. I think everyone’s watching today expecting to see diamond and pearl remakes. Now the pokemon company can piss people off in two […]